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    avance care

    brand positioning, tagline, website design, website development, website maintenance, website SEO, local area directories, forms kiosk development, corporate identity design, direct mail campaign, advertising, social media setup, sponsorships, promotional items, public relations, in-office presentation, menu of services posters, brochures, physician bio cards, email marketing, PPC management, monthly KPI reporting

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    exhibit resources

    Projects: print advertising, email marketing, events marketing, sales collateral, advertising, social media, promotional items, public relations, website design, website maintenance, website SEO, local area directories, capabilities video project management, sales letters, blogging, events photography, events videography, social media posting, PPC management, monthly KPI reporting

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    stockton graham & co.

    Projects: brand positioning, naming, logo design, corporate identity design, print advertising design, email marketing, catalog design, events marketing, sales collateral, social media posts, blogging, public relations, website design, website development, website copywriting, website SEO, online marketing, sales enablement, direct mail campaigns, promotions, email marketing, tradeshow graphics, retail point of sale materials, product branding, product packaging, sales letters, monthly KPI reporting

Founded in 1995 in Cary, NC, Hummingbird Creative Group is a full-service branding agency with an appetite for creating, managing and revitalizing brands. Our clients are admired businesses in the region who trust us to effectively tell and share their stories. We do this by communicating their positioning and differentiating their brands across all relevant media outlets. Our goal is to create enduring and meaningful interactions between our clients’ brands and their target audiences through empowerment, strategic thought, innovation, engagement, creative storytelling and design. We aspire to do this by connecting with PEOPLE and acting as a catalyst for SUCCESS. Hummingbird Creative Group delivers high quality work consistently – month over month, and project over project. We manage routine marketing activities incredibly well. We are able to provide strategic insight based on collective and diverse experiences. This enables us to profoundly and positively impact all areas of your business including sales, marketing, operations, finance and human resources. At Hummingbird Creative Group, we hire the best talent with diverse backgrounds, put the right tools in place to manage processes, outsource to supplement our expertise when needed, clarify expectations, report progress and measure results. Our goal is to empower your brand to take flight and grow your business by consistently delivering superior creative solutions grounded by solid strategies.