10 Tips for Building a Better Branding Strategy

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  1. Interview customers and find out what really makes you different and why they buy – your competitive advantages – so you can associate your business with the wants and needs that are most pressing to them.
  2. Revisit your mission and vision, and update your marketing materials to reflect current trends, best practices and delivery options. Don’t let the information get stale.
  3. Focus on your core values and competitive advantages in advertising messages.
  4. Dimensional mail averages the highest overall response rate of any direct response medium. When combined with a strategic sales plan to a targeted prospect list and the right message, we’ve seen response rates over 10%.
  5. Build your brand from the inside out  – communicate with your employees so they can help market you.
  6. Build credibility and exposure with a strategic public relations plan including frequent press releases and active participation in sponsorships, speaking engagements and hosted events.
  7. Develop a promotional product plan to support events and drive effective sales enablement campaigns.
  8. Gain new customers and reduce advertising costs with effective SEO and Social Media initiatives – This is also a “Green Marketing Strategy.” Integrated online marketing initiatives can help you give clients a sense of community and build emotional connection with existing customers, boost credibility and increase sales.
  9. Don’t put branding on hold – stay top-of-mind, or you may lose customers during a critical buying time. A company that maintains a consistent brand in tough times will be recognized and remembered when things turn around.
  10. Consistency of message is key. When you are tiring of your brand, others are just beginning to recognize and remember it!

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