18 Marketing Resolutions for 2018

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new year, new us

The holidays are over and the new year has just begun: welcome to 2018! It’s a long-standing tradition in our culture to come up with resolutions for the new year on how to improve ourselves, our lives and our careers.

Marketers are no different.

2017 brought a lot of changes to how we as consumers view marketing and the digital space. While reflecting on our successes in 2017, we came up with some marketing resolutions to make 2018 an even better year.

Here’s 18 promises we’re making ourselves in the new year and you should, too!

#1: cut down on the unnecessary

If it’s not working, cut it out– even if it looks pretty or sounds nice. Eliminating what’s not working frees up time and resources to focus on what is.

#2: try something new

It’s a new year and you deserve to try some new tactics. It’s easy to get in a marketing rut by focusing solely on what you know works: sometimes at the detriment of growth. Step outside your comfort zone and push yourself further.

#3: have a two-way conversation with your audience

When’s the last time you talked with your audience? If your answer was never or last year, maybe you should give it a try. It’s an easy way to get great data while showing your audience their concerns aren’t falling on deaf ears.

#4: audit your content

Don’t be a business who gets a website together and doesn’t bother with it until absolutely necessary. You should regularly update web content whether weekly, monthly, or quarterly to keep things fresh for your customers.

#5: keep a robust content calendar

What better way to regularly update your content than to have a content calendar at your fingertips. With a robust content calendar, you have an idea of what’s going out when and where possible gaps may be that you need to fill.

#6: produce podcasts

We might live in a visual world but people still love podcasts. In fact, we have a few favorites here at Hummingbird. Consider starting a podcast in 2018 for your audience to engage with your brand in a new way.

#7: shoot video

Reach more people and drive engagement across the digital space with the use of video. Video is a compelling and engaging medium that’s not difficult to get into.

#8: leverage MORE video

Your videos aren’t the only ones you can use in your content. Your audience might produce video content that is also engaging and compelling. Your brand can tell your story through the eyes of your customer.

#9: revamp old content

You spent time writing a killer blog post but once it was published, shared and the initial hype died down, it was quickly forgotten. Turn the old content into new content by turning it into infographics, videos, social campaigns to reach a new audience.

#10: practice ephemeral marketing

Ephemeral marketing is the newest digital marketing trend but there’s already a high demand. It’s content that only lasts for a short amount of time like stories on Snapchat or Instagram.

It boosts engagement with customers by generating excitement and cultivates an air of exclusivity that can make your audience feel like a VIP. It’s also a way to create a unique and direct relationship with your audience.

#11: use your data

We’ve cultivated ourselves to be data-experts because it helps us focus our efforts on what matters most to users. It’s important to us to be able to translate information in actionable insights for the real world.

#12: live your brand values

Your brand values are the core of your business and they help differentiate your from competitors. Strive to put your values on clear display in everything you do this year.

#13: increase transparency

Some brands think their audience is stupid and can’t see when they’re being duped. But that’s not true, customers are smarter than ever and don’t appreciate the duplicity.

In 2018, let’s make a collective agreement to increase transparency and make the consumer feel more empowered.

#14: empower employees

Your employees can do more for your brand than just what’s in their job description. Employee advocacy, especially on social media, can help increase the number of people of consume your company message. More consumption eventually leads to greater visibility.

Possible customers are also more likely to trust content shared by employees as opposed to a brand, spurring meaningful action.

#15: get wordy with it

Blog posts over 1,000 words are more effective than shorter posts. Increase that to 2,000 and effectiveness leaps up again.


Long-form content covers a variety of interrelated topics and shows how they’re related to each other. Invest your resources in more powerful pieces to get greater return.

#16: ignore fake news

Humans do not have the same attention span as a goldfish no matter what the “studies” on the news have found. Your audience can focus for more than eight seconds and you should treat them like they can. Unfortunately, marketers have fallen for this false stat and several others.

Do yourself a favor this year, check the validity of every stat that makes its way to your inbox.  

#17: understand AI

Google, Netflix and other tech giants are scooping up AI and running with it. It makes sense because AI has the potential to be a game-changer. Brush up on the latest AI trends and align yourself with vendors that can help you achieve those goals.

#18: keep going forward

With new techniques and trends emerging in the digital space, it’s important to always look forward. Test new tactics, see what works and get rid of what doesn’t.

To get 2018 off to the right start, decide what resolutions are most important for your marketing efforts. Identify first steps and empower your team to focus on the objectives at hand.

Everyone can be involved in making positive change.

Are you ready to achieve your 2018 business goals?

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