3 Steps for Employee Involvement

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It’s a fact: engaged employees help create strong brands which makes employee involvement very important. Many companies focus all their branding efforts outside the office– advertising campaigns, packaging, social media ads, print ads and more. But there’s a powerful branding tool inside your walls.

Regardless of your industry, building a strong brand requires that all employees feel connected to the company and what it stands for. It’s also helpful for your employees to understand their role in turning brand aspirations into reality.

If you don’t have your employees as a brand ambassador, you’re missing out.

step #1 to employee involvement: push personal branding

Personal branding isn’t just for business owners or job seekers– it should be for everyone. When your employees can be themselves in the workplace, productivity and retention increase. Showing interest in who your employees are and how they fit into the company culture leads to more employee buy-in of all the brand represents.

When a company pushes their employees to unearth their greatest strengths, what makes them different and being to integrate that into everything they do, the team will start seeing more success.

step #2 to employee involvement: connect personal branding to corporate branding

As a branding agency, we can safely say that the personal brand and the corporate brand should cooperate rather than compete.

Successful companies help employees understand their personal brand and take it a step further by integrating employee brand traits with the broader corporate objectives. When employees are clear about who they are and what their brand is, a company will start seeing employee involvement in the corporate brand.

step #3 to employee involvement: communicate the status of the company brand

Once the two concepts have been connected, it gets easier and easier to link them even more. When employees see the results of their actions, they’ll be able to more deeply engage with the corporate cause.

Share the results of brand research. Show the link between bonuses, raises and other valuable compensation is tied to brand valuation and they can affect that. If you share the windfalls with the employees, they’ll understand how closely linked corporate success is with their efforts in supporting the brand.

Powerful brands require clear and constant communication. Focus on your people, build their personal brand and engage your workforce.

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