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Your company brand is your mark on the world– it’s what sets you apart and what your customers calls to mind when they think of your company. Whether you’re brand new or you’ve been in business for a while, everyone can benefit from a brand management plan. Don’t let your brand management be something you figure out as you go because not only will your customers be confused about what your brand offers and means, but your employees will, too. 

Building a well-rounded brand management plan can take some work and, if you’re not careful, can lead you down the wrong path. Below are four brand management tips to help you start off right in your journey to building better brand awareness and managing your brand.

Brand Management Tip #1: Create A Robust Social Media Presence

It can be easy to brush off social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook as “trends” or “passing fads”. However, the reality is, most of these sites have domain authority that enables them to rank higher for relevant keywords than you may be able to do with your own website. The trick, though, is to make sure it doesn’t sound like a robot is on the other side of the computer; let your audience know there is a real person behind your social media account by making jokes when appropriate, being serious when needed, and most importantly, staying on brand.

Brand Management Tip #2: Produce Exceptional Work

If what you’re offering is not filling a need in an exceptional way, not even the most well-formed brand management system will be enough to drive results. The number of negative reviews across all the social media platforms and review pages will quickly outrank you on your brand terms.

Brand Management Tip #3: Keep A High Profile

Make sure your brand is visible in the good times and in the bad; waiting out economic downturns and hiding from the world doesn’t inspire confidence in your brand. Network with local chambers of commerce and other professional associations– a colleague can often pass along an unexpected lead your way. Encourage your employees to engage in charitable activities and join boards of directors. The next lead could just be waiting in the wings. You could also hold webinars for free or minimal fees to poise yourself as an industry leader and promote your professional knowledge.

Brand Management Tip #4: Establish Consistency In Your Branding

Be consistent in everything you do. Everything your company pushes out should have the same message– no matter the medium: images, blog posts, social media postings, slogans, colors, even how the receptionist answers your phones. In short, everything. A good starting place is your competition. How can you differentiate against them?

Remember: analyze your brand and listen to your customers before building a brand management strategy. Your customers can often inspire your efforts and show you ways to market to them you never thought of.

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