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LinkedIn can feel like the best kept secret sometimes. Your colleagues might utter it in passing conversations or blogs on branding and use the term in passing, but no one really explains what it is and how to use it to build your brand.

LinkedIn explained

LinkedIn is a social network for professionals created for anybody and everybody looking to grow their professional networks and explore future career options.

There’s also LinkedIn for businesses. When you set up a business page, you can use your profile to leverage current relationships and build new ones, generate buzz for those precious word-of-mouth referrals, generate sales by targeting the right people, and even hire new employees. LinkedIn is professional and can provide a wide array of networking opportunities with its huge reach.

LinkedIn is incredibly customizable– you create the experience and environment you need. Networking groups, job posts, and even special promotions are available to target your audience and let them know exactly what your business is about at the click of a button. With a little bit of research (and promotion), you can attract top clients. LinkedIn gives you all the information you need to know about your client, it makes sense to use it.

But with so many options, it can seem overwhelming and you might make mistakes that can dilute your brand.

engage your team

We’ve talked about engaging your team to work as your most avid fans and this remains true for LinkedIn, as well. Get your employees involved with your company page to increase visibility to new customers and potential hires. This will also help establish a company culture that empowers your team to engage with the brand as a whole and contribute to the mission of the business.

Involvement can be as simple as adding the company and a job description to their personal profile or, if they’re comfortable, sharing company content with their network.

use content you’ve already shared

A new platform doesn’t mean you have to create all new content. A great idea to keep LinkedIn inline with the rest of your brand is to use successful posts from your other social media platforms and create a high-quality stream on your company page and personal page.

engage in LinkedIn groups

If it’s a thing, there’s a group for it. Professional dog walkers? Check. Veterans in marketing? It’s there, too. University alumni? Just type in the name of your school. Part of branding is finding your niche and how to talk to them. LinkedIn gives you that opportunity.

have a one-stop-shop

Your company page is an excellent opportunity to create a hub of information. Creating a page is easy. Add your logo, a banner image and description to start. From there, fill in the information your target persona might want to see when making the decision to go with your business, product or service.

Make sure you allow your page to be easily found, as well. A great page means nothing if no one sees it. Add your company’s specialities and core values. Take advantage of your website and link out to your company LinkedIn page. Use other social media platforms and your blog to link out as well.

The more applicable information will lend your brand extra credibility and helps you rank higher in searches.


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