4 Ways to Better Your Facebook Brand

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Can your fans tell the difference between you and your competitors on Facebook? Are your posts getting the attention they deserve and bringing your target audience to your business? Facebook can be an important tool for bettering your brand– but only if you do it right.

Fill Out Your “About” Section

The “about” section is where you can articulate the purpose behind your business. By filling out the “about”, you can pull together the essence of your company in a way that makes sense to your target audience. Share what you do, why you do it and who you do it for.

Questions To Get Started Filling In Your “About” Section

What’s your company story? How do you help people? Who is your target market and what problems are you trying to solve for them? Take that information and add it to your “about”. Don’t stop there, either; use this information in your Facebook graphics and posts.

Know Your Target Audience

Just like with any of your marketing efforts, you need to make sure you’re speaking to the right audience. The better you understand who your target audience is, the easier it will be create messages that speak directly to them. Do you know your audience and their likes, dislikes, needs, desires or wants? Can you address the things they want? Everyone is not your target market. Take a look at the “people” tab on your Facebook insights. It’ll help you see who your target market is: the percentage of men versus women, city, state, country, age group, language and more. It can help you make educated insights into what messaging strategies you can use.

Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

Once you know your target audience, you should be able to figure out your competitive edge– what sets you apart from your competition and gives you a leg up. Sharing what makes your company unique on Facebook can help your fans make educated decisions whether or not to like your page, engage with you online, buy your product or hire your company. Your Facebook cover photo is a great place to start differentiating your company. You can share stats, fun images that showcase your product and even what it’s like working with your company. A Facebook cover photo is one of the first things visitors see when they visit your page, use it to your advantage.

Be Consistent

Consistency is key. If you want people to recognize you on Facebook, you need to make sure what you’re posting to your Facebook page is consistent with what you’re saying elsewhere. Images are a great way to drive engagement and portray consistency within your brand. Some of the best Facebook pages use graphics to convey messages and connect with their fans– yours can, too! You can share an image with a quote from your latest blog post, a picture of your product and more. Just make sure you’re using the same color scheme, font and style you use elsewhere. Building a brand through Facebook takes time and effort as well as commitment to goals, tactics and an overall marketing plan. Having a branded Facebook page can help you better position your business within your industry, your niche and local market.
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