5 Brands Built on Happiness

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The Secret Society for Happy People puts on the Hunt for Happiness week every third week in January to help boost spirits post-holidays. Hummingbird has decided to participate in the 19th annual Hunt for Happiness week. What better way to participate than to round up brands built on happiness?


Pictionary is the charades-inspired game brought to you by Mattel. It’s a great party game that will have people laughing and engaging with each other (instead of their smartphones). The fun of the game isn’t getting the answer right, you have more fun when your team is getting the answer wrong. The more off-base the answer, the funnier. Pictionary released a new ad campaign that plays off the idea of those humorous wrong answers by showing them living their wrong guesses.


Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker takes happiness seriously. So seriously, in fact, they hired happiness expert, Matt Killingsworth, to create the “Joy Will Take You Further. Keep Walking” marketing campaign. A series of adverts were created that aired in 50 countries and were seen by over 270 million people.



Whipped cream is already pretty joyous, to tell the truth. Who can resist squirting a steady stream straight from the can into your mouth? That’s already pretty joyous, and it seems impossible to make whipped cream seem even more fun. But their 2013 campaign “Unleash the Joy” did just that.

Conagra, Reddi-wip’s parent company, saw so much success and positive reactions with this campaign that they did it again in 2015 with their “Share the Joy” campaign.


Babies have the magical ability to soften hearts, and people become nostalgic thinking about their babies or wistful for future babies when they see one. So, it’s hard not to watch a Pampers commercial without being touched a little or even getting hit with baby fever. The brand has always tried to appeal to maternal instincts by informing mothers, touching their emotions and providing a good product.

Their Better Baby campaign shows the special moments families– not just moms– have with babies. It even showed the special moments friendly strangers have with babies.


No list of happy brands is complete without Coca-Cola. They’re the grandfathers of happiness marketing. One of their most popular campaigns was their Share-a-Coke campaign. Common names (and later, the option to personalize) were printed on the bottles encouraging consumers to share a Coke with a friend of that name. Other generic words like “family” and “friends” were also printed on bottles. This campaign resulted in thousands of pictures of Coke bottles and cans flooding social media channels and spread to over 70 countries. Now, instead of names, you can even customize the label with phrases such as “Happy Birthday” or “bride” and “groom”. Coca-Cola has started to replaced their “Share-a-Coke” campaign with the new “Choose Happiness”, reminiscent of their 2007 “Open Happiness” campaign. The UK branch of Coke unveiled “Choose Happiness” with this advert:

Happiness is a powerful motivator and many brands have succeeded using its power.

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