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Running a MailChimp Campaign

Running a successful email campaign takes precision. People have busy lives and normally decide whether or not to open your email at a glance. So it can feel like the odds are stacked against you—take a look at these statistics about how people read emails:

In other words, on average, if you send an email to a hundred people, thirty of them will read it. Of those thirty, only about fifteen or sixteen will see the email in the way that you designed it.

But these are averages. What these statistics don’t show is the discrepancy in email campaigns. Some are well made and are highly successful. Others never amount to anything. The good news is that with the proper focus and well-honed craft, you can push the statistics the other way.

Design Matters

The first thing to know is that design matters. It is true that an email recipient will often only see your subject line and sometimes only part of that. If they choose to open the message, a large percentage of your viewers will have images disabled by default, or even by preference. So some people might wonder why we bother with design. The obvious answer is because over half of your actual readers will still see your images. So, at least they can appreciate the hard work. But even the other half can benefit if you do it right.

Here’s Why Design Matters

Design is not just about pictures but organization. While you may not get an image through, you are pretty likely to get your background colors to appear. These colors can establish familiarity with your brand as well as help structure your email so that your audience knows what to expect.

The good news is that most of the time your audience can enable images simply by clicking on the text where the images are being blocked. Often, they can then enable images for all of your future emails. This means if you persuade them that your emails are worth their time once, they might see all the rest of your emails in full splendor. So if you’re playing the long-run game, you can actually convince some (perhaps many) readers to start appreciating your design.

To begin to push email statistics in your favor, the easiest option is to hire to a marketing firm. It’s what we do. But if you’ve got time and want to go it alone, here are two ways to help people begin to notice your design:

Two Tips:

Add Alt Tags

One way to entice your customer to allow images is by adding creative alt tags. While a picture may not be displayed, most of the time some text describing what the picture contains will still be visible. So make the most of it and be creative.

Match color

Matching and maintaining your brand’s colors helps to make your emails both recognizable and familiar. To match the color pallet of your website, use Chrome and go onto one of your webpages and right click on some text or colored element that you want to match. A dialogue box will appear and near the bottom, or at the very bottom, will appear the word Inspect.

Click this and a panel on the right of your screen will open with a bunch of code. Don’t worry about understanding the code. Just look to the lower left corner where a section is labeled styles. In the box you should find the label color followed by a code. This code will probably look something like this: #6c2a9c. Copy the code and use it in your color selector in MailChimp.

That’s it for today. There are of course many other tips and tricks and we’ll keep sharing what we do and how we do it.



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