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The Situation

Our client, Activcare Physical Therapy, came to us recently to share exciting new plans for growth. To that point, our branding and marketing work with them had been mainly centered around general physical therapy services, including a website, an overall service brochure, stationery and script pads which reflected the brand and assisted the practice’s sales efforts.

Earlier this year, the practice decided to grow its services by adding a women’s health center in Raleigh … AND … by opening a second location in Fayetteville – both at the same time. When they asked us to prepare new materials incorporating these locations, it was time for us to help them reconsider their brand and how the new organization’s marketing materials would serve its sales process best in this new scenario.

The Big Idea

The original organization’s limited scope lent itself well to an overall service brochure and general website, but as more individual services and new locations were added, the brochure concept weakened as it would deliver too much information at times, making it less compelling to each marketing niche. For this reason we encouraged Activcare to consider individual service (rack) cards which could either be used separately depending on the specific niche being targeted or could be assembled together in a binder format when more services or full practice scope was the more appropriate market deliverable. We also saw an opportunity for optimizing their website for local search in both Raleigh and Fayetteville with very targeted keywords, which led to a complete website redesign driven by local search engine optimization needs.

The Objectives

Hummingbird was really concerned with (1) maintaining the strength of the current brand while (2) integrating new service areas in compelling ways that were (3) “softer” than the original brand since the organization was moving away from a more physical training type of service to broader medical services including a women’s practice. Adding new locations also presented challenges.

The Campaign

We came up with a photography-based platform where each service area has a photograph of a real person. Each of these individual images comes together to create a family of photographs which warmly tells the story of a human-centered practice with specialties in many different geographic and service areas.

The Design

We integrated several new design components in the new brand. Where the existing brand was angular, the new brand was softer. Where the existing font was industrial, the new font has rounded edges. Many curves were added in order to soften the visual communication. And we decided to use colors – LOTS of colors to communicate the warmth and individuality of the separate service areas. Where the overall brand is a warm orange and gray, each individual service area has its own warm color with the brand’s standard orange and gray. We strengthened the existing brand by continuing to use the orange in the “care” piece of Activcare, and then used a different color for the photo and “Activ” part of Activcare. In addition, the photo background is in grayscale so that the person is in the foreground to communicate that the “individual” is the important component of this brand’s service. This branding concept will allow for continued service growth as well. As new services are added, a new color and photograph will be selected.

The Website

In order to establish brand consistency, it was very important for us to create the website using the same design concepts as detailed above. As each service card has a different color and photograph, each service area on the website contains that same color and photograph. In addition, the website was broken down significantly in order to demonstrate all of the new services and locations of the growing practice.

The site’s photographic rotation on the left side and the individual service page headers all contain the exact same colors and photos of the individual rack cards.

In addition, the new services and locations created new opportunity to be found within many new inroads on the Internet through SEO. Hummingbird went through extensive SEO development for Activcare to ensure local search optimization for all service areas.

Hummingbird also carried over the new branding standards to the practice’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

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