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What Are Brand Ambassadors?

Many companies are starting to use an untapped resource to help build their brand and get their message out to the world– brand ambassadors. After all, isn’t word-of-mouth one of the strongest marketing tools around?

Brand ambassadors are very different from brand advocates; their motives are different and they serve separate purposes. However, they both help to build your brand.

Who Uses Brand Ambassadors?

  • Starbucks

    Starbucks Partners reposts smiling photos of their employees with shoutouts for good work. Recent graduates are also able to apply for Brand Ambassador positions with a small stipend for their work.

  • Red Bull

    Red Bull employs a street team and a team of college students, called the Wings Team, to talk about the product and show how Red Bull fits into an adventurous lifestyle.

  • Coca-Cola

    Students can sign up for brand ambassador positions through Coca-Colas student zone and employees are encouraged to use their social media as a platform to spread Coke’s message to their personal networks.

Why Are Brand Ambassadors Important?

When you’re first getting started, it’s natural to inundate your personal network with updates, blogs, pictures and product offerings. They’ll initially be excited for you– and some will continue to stay excited for you– but most will glaze over your posts without a second glance. You could rely on just your network but that won’t really promote your brand and send it out into the world.

When you use a brand ambassador program, you don’t have to confine that excitement to just your network– you have a more vast and unsaturated network to engaged with. Your brand ambassadors will be excited about your company, they’ll be excited to share what your brand is up to. Instead of just you posting and sharing blog posts and new product offerings, you have a team to help. With the help of your brand ambassadors, you can spread your brand to many more people than what you could reach on your own.

To find a brand ambassador, look for someone who is known as an influencer in their communities and opinion leader.

A Good Brand Ambassador Will:

Not everyone in a brand ambassador program needs to have a marketing degree. What they should have is a basic understanding of the core principles of marketing and the high value modern marketing places on authenticity. Your ambassadors also need to understand the need for digital marketing and social media to drive referrals.

Are Brand Ambassador Programs Effective?

Overall and when implemented right, brand ambassador programs can be extremely effective in ways that you couldn’t achieve with traditional marketing efforts.

When your customers feel the face-to-face element a brand ambassador offers, it feels more genuine and humanizes your company. Customers can relate on a more personal level and that will help to drive sales.

How Can You Implement Brand Ambassadors?

  • Find Inspiration

    Something doesn’t have to be brand new to be good. Learn from other’s mistakes and draw ideas from companies whose products and services you enjoy.

  • Outline Your Short-Term Goals

    Make sure your goals are easily defined, quantifiable and realistic, and don’t focus on events too far into the future yet.

  • Structure Your Programs

    Begin to mold your program by marrying the short-term goals you’ve identified with the programs that inspire you. Don’t be afraid to mess up, you can always tweak and change things later.

  • Create Benefits

    People aren’t going to work for free. What benefits can you offer them? Figure out what your community values and how to deliver it.

  • Showcase Their Hard Work

    Help them intertwine their relationship with yours. Feature your ambassadors on your website, blog, social media– wherever makes sense for your brand. Show you appreciate them and their work for your brand.

  • Listen To Your Ambassadors

  • Your ambassadors will give you valuable information on how to improve your program and your brand. Listen to them. Figure out what’s working and what isn’t to learn how you can deliver a better experience.

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