The American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) is one of the 24 certifying boards of the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). They provide training and certification programs that provide parents with a greater level of assurance with respect to the competence of pediatric care providers.

the goal

The ABP engaged Hummingbird to help execute a strategic initiative to educate the public about the importance of choosing a board-certified pediatrician. “We were looking for new ways to get the message across to parents about why this matters and how it affects their children’s health,” says ABP Digital Communications Manager Michael Adams. “Another major goal was to provide pediatricians with an educational resource that they could give to their patients, parents and caregivers. The idea was to help pediatricians show families and communities that they had gone above and beyond the basic requirements and put considerable extra effort into their education and training.”

the problem

The ABP looked to Hummingbird to develop a strategy for educating the general public about the difference that board certification made in patient are. They were looking for a way to create an emotional connection and make a lasting impact. “We wanted ideas about what the most effective approach might look like,” Adams said.

our solution

Hummingbird worked with the ABP to develop a multi-pronged solution. Our initial research found that many parents were not aware that any given pediatrician might not be board certified. We concluded that engaging board certified pediatricians as ambassadors would be the most effective way to lay a solid foundation for future efforts. The basic idea: equip pediatricians with the tools and the knowledge of how to educate parents about what it means to have a board-certified pediatrician care for a child’s well-being.

Hummingbird developed several key components, including a new website (mycertifiedpediatrician. org) designed to quickly convey the difference in quality of patient care that children receive from board certified doctors. The web site features a two-minute whiteboard video, highlighting the education and skill-building standards that go above and beyond a medical degree and state licensure, as well as an “impact video,” featuring parents and children sharing their personal experience working with board-certified pediatricians and what it meant to them personally.

A crucial component was the personal stories of parents and their children—hearing real people share how the experience of being treated by a board certified physician had made them feel. One mother featured in the impact video said she felt that board certification was “the gold symbol for excellence.” Another shared that “[A pediatrician’s] decision to be board certified is really a gift to me as a patient and a parent.” The video also featured a mother who shared that her board certified pediatrician had helped the family “navigate the journey” and had saved her daughter’s life.

We also created marketing material for pediatric offices, consisting of literature and displays for their offices, as well as a digital “I Am Certified” badge for pediatric clinics to feature on their web sites.

the results

  • met goals to engage board certified pediatricians as ambassadors with materials
  • videos have created emotional connection with the public and educated parents about certification
  • public engaged and educated directly at the physicians’ offices through toolkit of in-office marketing materials
  • public engaged and educated directly at the physicians’ offices through toolkit of in-office marketing materials
  • sense of pride created among physician community around maintenance of certification

client feedback

“The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, with over 300 requests for materials just from the initial soft launch of the website.”