the goal

When Protus3 engaged Hummingbird Creative Group, the market for IT security solutions had undergone a considerable evolution since the company first opened their doors in 1988. Competition had intensified. New threats to corporate reputations had arisen and continued to multiply like cybercrime, identity theft and fraud. Colleges and universities came under fire for failing to implement adequate security measures. The situation sparked The Cleary Act, which regulates specific measures and reporting requirements; however, many notable institutions received heavy fines for failure to comply. Corporations and institutions in all sectors recognize the need for more sophisticated systems to anticipate threats, monitor activity within their organizations and protect valuable assets.

Executive leaders no longer view data and information security as strictly a function of the IT department. It is widely recognized that corporate security plays a key role in business strategy. When Protus3 first entered the marketplace under its original name (Risk Management Associates or RMA), the sales team primarily dealt with technically educated buyers. More than 25 years later, the buying cycle has grown more complex, involving stakeholders at higher organizational levels with less technical knowledge.

Protus3 originally planned to optimize their website and make it mobile friendly in order to capture more opportunities. They engaged Hummingbird Creative Group for this purpose; however, as collaboration on the project began, Hummingbird’s focus on capturing the brand essence started to resonate. The opportunity for Protus3 to make a powerful change became abundantly clear.

Clients recognize that Protus3 has proven expertise in safeguarding their assets: intellectual and real property, equipment, inventory and employee’s safety. Though few competitors can match Protus3’s solid track record in
the industry and their security acumen, their brand message did not convey their strength in the market.

the problem

Seeing the value of branding in context to their business, Protus3 decided to invest in a brand building initiative defined by Hummingbird Creative Group as insight, positioning and big Idea. The Hummingbird team conducted a series of interviews with internal team members
as well as Protus3’s clients and compared different brand archetypes to identify the symbols that would resonate most powerfully with the market. This information was compared to the original brand characteristics too. The data revealed some confusion with Protus3’s original name, Risk Management Associates, which sounded similar to competitors and other unrelated industry terms. The company was also well known by the acronym “RMA” which appeared in search engine results for a number of unrelated abbreviations.

The information indicated a new name would improve the company’s ability to make a lasting first impression and convey value instantly. As Hummingbird weighed the impact of different words and phrases, three distinct words kept emerging: “Plan, Protect, Prosper.” These words ultimately became Protus3’s new tag line. This provided a uniform framework to develop more consistent language in sales proposals and presentations.

“We’re security professionals, not marketers, what we do is technical,” reflects Protus3 President Christine Peterson. “Hummingbird gave us a clear way to talk about the brand that really resonated. They helped us get the technical information across in a language that appealed to non-technical businesspeople.”

Developing a branding message that really resonated with their targeted audience included a significant name change; an iconic identity that would define the organization. How did the Protus3 name originate? The suffix “otus” refers to a particular genus of owl. The symbolic owl, seen as a wise overseer with piercing clarity of vision, took center stage as Hummingbird considered dozens of different names and combinations. The team ultimately settled on the alliteration of the “pr” sound blended with “otus” and the number three to reinforce the threefold value emphasized by the tagline and the three lines of service. As a result of this logic, RMA became Protus3.

Hummingbird Creative Group put extensive energy into the development of the new brand colors: gold and purple. Gold was chosen to reinforce the feeling of prosperity and purple was selected for an historical association with royalty and to convey a sense of authority and power.

our solution

Protus3 went live with the new brand name in September of 2015. Since then, Protus3 and Hummingbird Creative Group have collaborated on several new marketing initiatives, including marketing automation and targeted campaigns. Since rebranding, Protus3 has found that people understand what their company does more easily than before. The process of creating proposals has become simpler and more straightforward.

the results

  • Clear, concise tagline reflects differentiation of brand and provides consistent talking points for staff
  • New website offers mobile-friendly, dynamic platform and knowledge base
  • Campaigns for Colleges & Universities, Computer Forensics, and Background Investigations target messages to specific markets and enable the sales cycle.
  • Marketing automation tool helps identify and target prospects who visit the website.

client feedback

“Hummingbird gave us a clear way to talk about the brand that really resonated. They helped us get the technical information across in a language that appealed to non-technical business people.”