Brand Of A Six Year-Old

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We all have our own personalities, hobbies and talents. And, whether we want to know it or not, everyone we know has an opinion about us. Take my six year-old daughter, Callie. She is a tom-boy by nature, loving skateboarding and riding her MADD scooter at the skatepark. She plays drums to the Beatles and Rolling Stones, and she’s a … Read More

20 Powerful Reasons to Brand Your Business

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In order to create a strong brand, a company must differentiate its product or service from others. This differentiation helps build a collection of perceptions in the mind of the consumer. Customers who believe in a brand spread the word about its benefits, increasing the value of the brand as an asset. Companies that do not live up to their … Read More

10 Tips for Building a Better Branding Strategy

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Interview customers and find out what really makes you different and why they buy – your competitive advantages – so you can associate your business with the wants and needs that are most pressing to them. Revisit your mission and vision, and update your marketing materials to reflect current trends, best practices and delivery options. Don’t let the information get … Read More

Why Ads Work

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The next time that you watch a political advertisement on television, keep this in mind. Why Ads Work: Ads Attack the Senses and Win Over Viewers With More than Narrative In the annals of political campaign advertising, it stands as a legend: A young girl plucking flower petals, counting each as it falls, is interrupted by a sinister voice counting … Read More