Brand Authenticity: Don’t Just Say It, Be It

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In a study performed by Cohn & Wolfe, a global PR firm, they found that half of Americans trust small firms to do the right thing, but only 36 percent trust large firms to do the right thing. 89 percent of customers expect companies to act with integrity at all times and, in fact, rated integrity as more important in … Read More

What’s Your Brand Promise?

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A brand promise is not a slogan or an advertising headline. It is not a public selling statement or unique selling point. It’s not what can your customers get from your product or service. A brand promise goes beyond the tangible and is a simply defined statement that relates to the internal and external community. A brand promise defines the … Read More

Build Your Brand with Brand Ambassadors

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Many companies are starting to use an untapped resource to help build their brand and get their message out to the world– brand ambassadors. After all, isn’t word-of-mouth one of the strongest marketing tools around? Brand ambassadors are very different from brand advocates; their motives are different and they serve separate purposes. However, they both help to build your brand. … Read More

4 Tips for Better Brand Management

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Your company brand is your mark on the world– it’s what sets you apart and what your customers calls to mind when they think of your company. Whether you’re brand new or you’ve been in business for a while, everyone can benefit from a brand management plan. Don’t let your brand management be something you figure out as you go … Read More

Five Steps to Building Brand Equity

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If you find yourself contemplating the sale of a business, taking note of your brand differentiation and developing a strong marketing plan highly impacts your valuation multiplier directly. When it comes to exit transactions, companies with strong brand differentiation and positioning can command a premium. Brand positioning is one of eight core valuation standards used to determine a valuation multiplier. … Read More

Branding Hurdles with Mike Ganey

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Share this Post Mike Ganey of House Autry Mills discusses the branding hurdles he’s faced with Hummingbird’s Wendy Coulter and Dan Gregory. Click here to listen on Stitcher Click here to listen on Google Play

Listen to the Voice of the Customer

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Listen to the voice of the customer. When your customers help shape your brand message, they recognize you value their input, which not only gives them ownership of your brand, but also creates advocates who spread the word about your business. Insight is at the core of what we call big ideas at Hummingbird Creative Group. Our first step is to talk … Read More

Building a Brand Advocate Program

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Businesses have entered what marketers are calling the Age of Advocacy! It’s the perfect time to strategically embrace and encourage customer advocacy by creating opportunities for your customers to advocate on behalf of the brand. To build a brand advocate, it’s important to break down what a brand advocate is. Simply put, a brand advocate is someone who loves your … Read More

Three Keys to Building Your Brand Purpose

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According to the findings of Marketing 2020 and Insights 2020, differences between over- and under-performing organizations generally tie back to total customer experience, customer obsession and insights engine resulting in: “More than a set of activities, customer-centricity is a strategy to deliver business value against customer needs, guided by brand purpose,” said Frank van den Driest, Chief Commercial Officer, Millward … Read More

Keys to Understanding & Building a Brand Ritual

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A brand ritual is the shared experience of how consumers enjoy your brand. To qualify as a brand ritual, and not just a habit or a routine, it must include a regular set of actions consumers participate in that adds value to the brand experience. Most brands get stuck on what the product does or what the brand represents. A … Read More