Telemedicine Is Here To Stay… What’s Your Brand?

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Telemedicine is one of the newest trends in personalized medical care, here in the Research Triangle and also around the world. And it’s a trend that’s here to stay. Simply stated, telemedicine is a medical practice where a person has 24-hour telephone and video call access to a physician, nurse or specialist. For a low monthly fee, patients can call … Read More

Building A Long-Term Brand Identity

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brand identity

Branding and building a long-term brand identity are not mutually exclusive from marketing goals. But they are birds of the same feather. For example, McDonald’s spends millions of dollars on marketing campaigns for the reintroduction of the McRib sandwich every year. But we universally recognize those golden arches as the company’s logo. Branding and brand identity can be accomplished using … Read More

Leveraging Digital Communities When Branding Healthcare Businesses

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digital communities

Digital communities (DCs) are becoming more and more popular as a way for all businesses to reach consumers and build brand advocates. But first, DCs are different from a basic online platform or entity such as Facebook or Twitter (although many DCs can be found within Facebook). DCs are contained online communities where people with common causes, goals, issues or … Read More

Branding For Medical Device and Pharma Companies

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2 scientists, in white lab coats, working n a medical device and pharma lab.

Branding for Medical Device and Pharma Companies in a frequently changing landscape can be a challenge, whether you are a well-established pharma company, or a start up. Your company really has 2 targets to consider – the doctors who prescribe the medications, and the end user. To understand the environment of  branding for medical device and pharma companies in recent … Read More