King Arthur Baking Company: Branding for Every Baker

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2020 was a year of big challenges, and it’s not over yet. But guess what? It never will be. As long as we’re in business, there will be challenges to navigate. Hummingbird is using this space to focus on how big brands have navigated some challenging times, how some have bounced back or gotten ahead with smart branding. We investigate … Read More

Branding For Biotech And Pharma Startups

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Biotech Scientist in a white coat and blue latex gloves sitting at a table counting cash-view of hands and torso.

Branding for Biotech and Pharma startups is often overlooked during the early stages of development. This is not uncommon… Usually the initial team consists of a professor at a university and maybe a few other essential professionals. Some of these include additional researchers, accountants, attorneys and regulatory experts. Each must carry the lion’s share of early startup work. Research is … Read More

Brand Storytelling For Manufacturers And Distributors

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A cup of coffee sitting and a note saying "Do you have a story to tell?" referring to brand storytelling for manufacturers and distributors.

Brand storytelling for manufacturers and distributors means identifying ways to be memorable and connect on an emotional level with their target audience, and using their size and vast resources to do it. The manufacturers and distributors who do it well are, of course, highly visible companies. But they didn’t get their by accident. They established the emotional tie early on … Read More