The Importance of Being Authentic to Branding a B2B Service Business

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being authentic

keeping it real In today’s instant message, Twitter and Instagram societies, people are quick to respond that they “kept it real.” That vernacular means a person stayed true to their core beliefs… especially when facing adversity. We reserve a special place in our hearts for people who keep it real… who place value on being authentic. In fact, pop culture, … Read More

Impactful Branding and Marketing Tools for Medical + Pharma

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marketing and branding for medical device and pharmaceutical companies

To understand the changing landscape of marketing and branding for medical device and pharmaceutical companies, one only has to look at late night television. There, the battle between Viagra and Cialis is played out—hour after hour—as commercials remind viewers of the perils of ignoring one’s romantic life. (Sure, there’s the litany of potential side effects… but they’re speed-read at the … Read More

2018: A Marketing Year In Review

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marketing year in review

The past year has been a wild ride. The weather… the fires… the politics… the stock market. And through it all, marketing creatives have stayed the course. Here are some of the most memorable campaigns and trends from 2018: A Marketing Year in Review. try a hot toddy, dear Alexa lost her voice This hilarious Super Bowl LII commercial conjures … Read More

Naughty or Nice Brands

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naughty or nice

We’re sure YOU made Santa’s “nice” list… Every year there are companies whose marketing campaigns deserve both a gold star and the grandest of gifts from ol’ St. Nick. And then there are those naughty ones that deserve a lump of coal. Here we identify some that took flight 2018… and others that dropped like a rock out of the … Read More

Add AdWords to Your Brand Toolbox

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Adwords in your Toolbox

Google AdWords gives you the ability to build your brand by reaching your audience across millions of websites, apps and billions of minutes of watch-time on YouTube. Google AdWords has the ability to reach further than you could ever dream– if you do it right. You can pick and choose who to show your ads to as they visit specific … Read More

Part 2: Matching Book Quality to Brand Promise

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This is part two of Karen Wiberg’s series on using books to build your brand. If you missed it, you can read part one here. In part one, we talked about how writing a book can benefit your business. When you do choose to use a book as part of your strategy, your business will be judged on the quality … Read More

8 Brand Mistakes that Hurt

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Do you remember when Zippo made women’s perfume? How about when Harley Davidson, the famous rough-and-tough motorcycle brand, developed their own line of cake decorating kits? Or even Virgin Airlines creating wedding dresses? It may sound strange and like something out of a satirical movie, but these products actually happened, and they might be considered brand mistakes. Sometimes, weird brand … Read More