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Introduction To Type Tutorial

Typography is the study of type, and the art of using this types/fonts to create something beautifully designed. To keep it simple we are going to discuss the 3 main sets of typefaces called Serif, Sans Serif and what we are going to call“Decorative” . These three font types can generally span all variety of types by having many sub categories.

Serif Types

Serifs are more popular in corporate and traditional designs. This does NOT mean they are boring. They have “a foot” at the bottom and top called Serif which is where they get their names. Serifs are good for large amounts of copy like books because the serifs make it easier for your eyes to keep on reading. This is why a lot of School teachers request Times New Roman in a lot of papers. Other popular serifs are: Garamond, Bodoni and Didot. serif Famous corporate logos containing a serif font include: Serifs tend to portray a reliable corporate atmosphere. They show respect and can be authoritative. A lot of politicians use serifs, as do lawyers, doctors and real estate agents.

Sans Serif Types

Sans Serifs are seen more as contemporary. Sans Serif means “without a serif” ie without the foot. This is pretty obvious when the type styles are placed side by side. Sans Serifs are traditionally more popular on the web for reading. Arial is a common known sans serif for standard users. The most popular for designers is Helevetica, followed by Futura and Univers. Sans serif   Famous corporate logos containing a sans serif font include: San Serifs are very clean and modern. This type is stable and used for many applications. Technology firms tend to go towards sans serifs as do banks and many consumer products.

Decorative Types

The third category we are calling “Decorative”, possesses most types that are used for special occasions like logos or headlines. Script fonts are a type of decorative font that look like handwriting or cursive. Decorative fonts can include elements of both serif and sans serif but tend to be a bit harder to read. Decorative examples In general terms, these are the typeface styles designers start with while working on projects. With any project, designers usually check your brand standards to see which fonts match your current style. If we are creating a logo or branding for you, their goal is to pick a type that best represents the personality of your company. Decorative fonts are used to make something really POP or be more interesting, especially in a one word format. These are common in the food industry and entertainment industry. A lot of people feel more creative and artsy with a more decorative typeface.  
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