Corporate ID Materials Are Essential for Branding Professional Services Businesses

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If you’re in the business of selling professional services, you are in good company. You invested a lot of time and energy and money into getting your education and training and certifications… Then you brainstormed and strategized and executed… And now you’ve established your brand. But how much thought have you given to your corporate ID materials?

Start With A Business Card

The first thing, of course, is to order business cards. But a poorly executed business card is sloppier than a number scribbled on a napkin… and not nearly as sexy! When you snap your card into someone’s hand, you want to feel like it is the perfect embodiment of you and your business. You want a bit of wow factor. Consider shape and size… you can go traditional rectangle or square or even mini. How about material? Shiny, matte, cotton, linen, extra thick, raised print or perhaps gold foil. Logo, brand colors, slogan and typography are all critical considerations. Also, what information you wish to convey, such as:

  • Your title—and your license number if applicable and required by law
  • Your business name
  • URL/web address
  • Physical address and/or P.O. box
  • Phone numbers (mobile, office with extension, fax)
  • Email address

Oh, and have you thought about little things, like whether or not to include “www.” before your website… or if you want hyphens or periods separating your phone number digits, or maybe only spaces? And for that matter, just how important is white space in your design?

But Don’t Stop There

Now that you’ve distinguished your professional service business from your competitors, it’s time to consistently apply your brand so you can achieve your dreams of success. The best way to do this is with a full complement of quality corporate ID materials. The most basic of these include:

  • Letterhead and envelopes
  • Notecards and envelopes
  • Postcards

You should use your brand colors and keep your design consistent across the board. For mass mailings you may also wish to have black and white alternatives on hand to save in printing costs. Don’t forget to customize your email template! And depending on the nature of your business and services, you may consider also printing:

  • Presentation folders
  • Appointment cards
  • Pens
  • Mugs

These products, if stored safely, will never go bad… and you’ll always be glad to have them on hand. For holidays and other special occasions, you can even turn such items as chocolate bars and bottles of wine into corporate ID materials-slash-gifts. With custom printing, anything is possible. By consistently living out your brand, you give clients and customers confidence in your professional service.

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