How You Can Help Your Marketing Team Boost Social Engagement

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Social media can feel like a scary beast sometimes– you never know what’s going on, you can’t figure out how to increase engagement, and what even is a “like” anyways? Luckily, there are people out there that can help. You’re your brand’s expert, no one knows it like you do. Social media coordinators are the experts on social media, they can help lead you through all the “scary” or “strange” parts of social media to help increase brand awareness. But, no matter how hard your social media coordinator works, there are always things that you can do to boost your company’s social interaction. Many times we are asked why certain social media notifications aren’t growing as fast as they once were for clients. So, we have put together a few ideas business owners can do to help their social media gurus, and experience better results in the digital world.

Social Engagement Tip 1: Create Some Content

Many times we ask our customers to write blogs, or give us examples of blogs they enjoy to make some content to share via social media. You know your business better than anyone, so who else is more qualified to tell your customers what’s going on in your industry? Blog generation leads social media users to your site, let’s them know your view of your industry, and gives them more insight into your company. You can also establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. If you can put some of the brilliant ideas from your mind into writing, your social media coordinators can easily get that information out to the masses. Even if you aren’t the most comfortable writer in the world, a rough draft for others to edit is a great start! Here at Hummingbird, many of our clients create informative, in-depth industry blogs that we help edit and share with the digital world. These customers see a major boost in activity on their platforms because the people that follow them are truly interested in what they have to say! Don’t have time to write full blogs or construct ideas regularly? Plan ahead! Use those free minutes on Friday before you go home to sketch out a simple blog on what’s new in your industry. Take a few minutes after lunch to share a few articles/blogs you find interesting with your social media team. Any free time you have can be used to constructively gather ideas for content!

Social Engagement Tip 2: Interact With Your Business’ Social Media Outlets

Many times the things that get the most likes and shares on social media are simple posts or images that represent a company’s culture. Waiting to start a meeting? Snap a quick picture on your phone and share with your audience! Let them know what’s going on in your world. Not everything has to be planned and scheduled. The best content is genuine… your followers love to know that your company is a real business with people, not a machine! Videos are also really hot on social media right now. Did you know, almost 60% of US internet users selected Facebook to watch videos online in December 2017? There was on average 100 million hours of video viewed daily on Facebook in 2017. That’s a lot of people watching videos! Use your personal social media to promote your business as well. You and your employees don’t have to burden friends all the time with sales or specials from your business, but if there is a blog or image your really believe in, share it! The more people who see your social media content, the more engagement your pages get. So take the time to like, re-tweet, share or re-post content from your business page to your personal page. Your friends will love to see what’s happening in your professional life – just don’t over do it.

Social Engagement Tip 2: Let Your Marketing Team Know What Businesses You Think Are Doing Social Media Right

The best way marketing professionals can help you get the results you want is to know what you like. One of the most productive ways to learn this is by comparison. So let us know which companies you follow on your personal social media and why? What are they doing that you like? What made you follow them? This way, your Social Marketing professionals will know the best ways to plan your business posts and content. Just that tiny insight on the businesses that you feel are the strongest goes a long way in teaching us what you are looking to accomplish with your own social media plan. Follow these few suggestions, and we are sure you will have a boost in your social media engagement. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, your customers are out there looking for content on what you are doing. Give it to them!
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