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Yolanda Dragon

Hummingbird Creative Group has expanded our team to include the talented communication contributions of Yolanda Dragon. Yolanda holds a BA in communication and minor in psychology. Her area of expertise is content creation. With a journalistic, story-telling style, Yolanda is poised to eloquently present the “brand voice” for Hummingbird clients.

“We are excited to have Yolanda on our team. The richness of Yolanda’s experience as a writer, publisher and public relations manager will be integral in providing brand stories and marketing content will be invaluable to our agency and clients,” expresses Dan Gregory, VP of Hummingbird Creative Group.

The establishment of a true “brand voice” is a marketing hurdle faced by many organizations. Educating the public of the company values, functions of the organization and the relation to the customer can be a challenging endeavor for even the most established company. For example, a common issue faced by many businesses today is disengagement from clientele. Customers are loyal and value those organizations that appreciate and nurture an authentic relationship. Any company that can communicate their unique value proposition as a benefit to the customer will distinguish themselves from their competition. The gift of compelling communication is to engage, retain and foster that loyalty. The hiring of a communication specialist is significant to achieving this goal.

“In this role as Integrated Content Coordinator, I look forward to fully exploring creative ways to transition seamlessly in my writing style from one voice to another to accommodate the audience. This is a key component of what communication specialists perform in the industry,” Yolanda states. “We translate creative ideas into accessible communication. The challenge will be to do that expertly every day; I have high expectations for myself in that regard.”