Laurinburg’s Scotia Village Works a ‘Big Idea’

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The Situation

Hummingbird Creative Group, Inc. has been working with The Presbyterian Homes, Inc.(PHI) for the last 4 years. We began working first with Glenaire in Cary on projects in 2007 and were named their Agency of Record (AOR) in 2008. We were named AOR for River Landing at Sandy Ridge in Colfax in 2009, and in 2010 we were brought in as AOR for Scotia Village in Laurinburg.

As we’ve worked with each of the three continuing care retirement communities, our goal has been to begin to develop a consistent brand for PHI.

The Big Idea

Our mission with Scotia Village this first year was to come up with a campaign idea that gives the community’s marketing a more polished look & feel, while tying into the overall corporate branding elements we have developed for PHI.

Scotia Village’s tagline is “Love Where You Live”, so our BIG IDEA was to incorporate the phrase I ‘heart’ Scotia Village into a testimonial campaign for the community.

The Objectives

The current marketing objectives for Scotia Village are to (1) strengthen the local brand through local print advertising and (2) to increase attendance and visibility at statewide events in order to have increased opportunity to communicate the benefits of Scotia Village, thereby increasing demand for the community. Also, since Scotia Village chooses to be cost-conscious to create a more valuable living experience, we created value-added cost-effective materials for them.

The Design

We discovered that Laurinburg has a long Scottish history, so we brought that unique cultural element into Scotia Village’s design by utilizing the plaid tartan as a design element. In addition, since Laurinburg is a small town in a rural area, we decided to incorporate some friendly southern charm with the I ‘heart’ Scotia Village theme. The font is an easy and relaxed script which feels friendly and helps to build trust. We kept in mind the aging demographic in the overall design in terms of type sizes and photography style. Lastly, we incorporated a curve element to tie these materials into the materials we have done for the other PHI communities for consistency of the corporate brand.

The Campaign

A frequent newspaper ad buy has been a long-term working strategy of Scotia Village. This year, an event plan has also been implemented. The Scotia Village sales team is now doing Lunch & Learns across the state, so the campaign required the creation of branded event invitations, newsletters, buttons for staff and residents, a powerpoint presentation, signage and giveaways.

We have had a lot of fun working on this campaign with Scotia Village, as well as all the projects we do for the PHI communities!

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