Let’s Go! High Five! : Can You Think With Your Hands?

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unnamed-1Stop by the Hummingbird Creative Group exhibit at the High Five Conference

Discover how to win giveaways such as the 53 Pencil, the most recent iPad tool that allows creative possibility to always be in your hands.

The High Five Conference focuses on teamwork, partnership and collaboration in new and unexpected ways to truly achieve marketing and creativity symbiosis:

  • Enhance your knowledge of marketing and creative strategies
  • Gain real, actionable and prescriptive insights to apply to your work challenges
  • Collaborate and innovate in ways that break down functional silos
  • Reverse roles to truly understand and appreciate each other’s processes

Where: Sheraton, Downtown Raleigh, Room D

When:  Thursday, February 26 2:15 PM – 2:45 PM

Learn more about 53 Pencil.

Still need more details? Check out the HIGH FIVE website, which has speakers bios, a complete breakdown of the conference schedule and pricing.
unnamed Use code ‘Hummingbird15’ at www.HIGHFIVECONFERENCE.com to receive an additional 15% off when you register to attend the High Five Conference.   Click here to Register

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