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Wendy Coulter, CEO of Hummingbird

At this point, you all should know I am a fan of value.

From the value companies provide customers to developing a strong value proposition — from defining core values to increasing the value of a business — value is something front of mind for most of us in the business world.

And what about the value of a moment?

A kiss from someone you almost lost. A celebration with a client when what you have created for them makes a difference. A Guinness perfect pour. A caring call from your vendor when they hear a loved one is sick. A special conversation with a close friend. Hearing the applause when you step on stage and engage the audience in laughter as the emcee at a large corporate event. A community that comes together to help you in the time of greatest need. The perfect taste of a Reese cup – not sorry! The pride you feel when your child says “thanks” for just being there. Sipping a cup of joy from a Wake Oasis franchise mug. Sharing a meal with a group of strangers who will soon become a circle of mentorship and friendship.

I lived all these special moments and many more over the past year, and they brought me such JOY, which has made me think about what I want to encourage for my clients, partners, team and friends in 2022. 

I want 2022 to be a year of JOY for each of you in every aspect of your life. And I know you want the same for your clients and partners, right? So, start to think each day about how in both your business and personal lives you can create moments of value – rituals of JOY that help your brand create raving fans. Think about how you can ritualize a brand initiative for your company that will be embraced like that Guinness perfect pour (yes, I love a stout). We would love to help you brainstorm!

Please let me know how Hummingbird can help create more moments of value for you. My team is striving to stretch even more in 2022 to learn more technology, create stronger big IDEAS, better measure and analyze campaign results, and grow the agency so we can impact you by providing moments of value in new ways we have never thought of before.

So, drop me a line and tell me how you plan to create moments of value in 2022, and I bet as you create these moments, you will also build your business value!

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