Building a Strong Brand Identity: Insights from Tru by Hilton’s Journey

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Tru by Hilton has taken the hospitality industry by storm, launching in 2017 with the fastest brand launch in the industry’s history. By 2023, the hotel had more than 250 locations around the world with hundreds more in the works. What has made the brand so successful? Let’s take a closer look at their brand identity for answers.  Why Brand … Read More

Make the Right Decision for Your Brand: In-House or Outsourced B2B Marketing?

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It’s no secret that B2B brands need to win at branding and marketing to be successful in a crowded marketplace. If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you understand the importance of a strong brand to differentiate and position your company as a market leader.  But you may still be wondering what it takes to effectively build … Read More

Compliance Management Made Easy – Step into 2024 with Confidence

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21st-century compliance management is more than a box business owners check off their to-do lists. Shifting regulations, privacy concerns, and data breaches have made it a top priority. Through the years, the team at Hummingbird has made sure to include privacy policies for our clients’ websites as appropriate. And creative people in many agencies all over the country had been … Read More

NAWBO honors exceptional women leaders at 2023 national women’s business conference

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Wendy Coulter speaking as a Woman Business Owner of the Year Award Finalist in 2023

Wendy Coulter Is Recognized as a Woman Business Owner of the Year Award Finalist The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) recently wrapped up its National Women’s Business Conference, which culminates in an awards gala honoring exceptional women leaders. One of the top awards is Woman Business Owner of the Year that celebrates overall business excellence, and this year … Read More

Is Now the Right Time for Rebranding Your Company? 6 Signs To Help You Decide

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Rebranding your company is no small task. In a previous post, we discussed the hard questions to ask during the process — have your target audience’s core values changed? What about your “why”? Is the current branding truly reflective of all those you serve?  Asking those questions is a good place to start because your company needs to have a strategic … Read More

Hummingbird Creative Group Honored with Hermes, Marcom, and Davey Awards

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Cary-based agency receives accolades for creative design work from top industry awards organization Hummingbird Creative Group, a boutique branding agency located in Cary NC, is celebrating the results of the 2023 awards circuit, winning several industry awards recognizing the agency’s digital branding, marketing, and creative efforts.  The Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP) presents the Hermes Awards to honor … Read More

Marketing After a Merger or Acquisition

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Kymanox logo family with white lettering on a blue backround-example of marketing after merger or acquisition.

Marketing after a merger or acquisition shouldn’t be an afterthought. In fact, when you’re planning to acquire or merge with another company, it’s important to set aside a budget for integrating the marketing process.  “Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are fast-paced, high-stakes, time-intensive events. M&A integrations can often be extremely complicated due to the level of interdependencies throughout the entire organization, … Read More

Rebranding a Life Sciences Organization: Redefining their “Why”

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NC Life Sciences Organization Logo, rebranded, with double helix in orange and green with tagline Advocate. Advance.

Rebranding a life sciences organization that serves other life science businesses to support the industry as a whole required a look inward at the needs of those the North Carolina Biosciences Organization (NCBIO) were serving, and critically assessing compatibility with their values. During any rebranding process, it is important to ask the hard questions – have the target audience values … Read More

The Difference Between A Strong Brand vs. Advertising vs. Marketing— Which Is Better for Service Providers?

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“There is so much advertising these days, it’s hard to know what’s real. Advertising and Marketing tactics may make me consider a company or visit their website, but brand and testimonials would make me hire them.” This, at its core, is the difference between a strong brand vs. advertising vs. marketing. And this…from a Brand Believer who responded to our … Read More