Branding Hurdles: Mike Ganey Interview

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Mike Ganey Branding Hurdles Interview

Hummingbird Creative Group’s CEO, Wendy Coulter, and VP of Operations, Dan Gregory, recently interviewed Mike Ganey, VP of Marketing at House-Autry Mills regarding branding hurdles they faced there and how they overcame them. Mike: My name’s Mike Ganey. I’m the VP of marketing at House Autry Mills, which is a company that’s been around since 1812 down east. It’s a … Read More

Brand Management Hurdles: Mary Tomlinson Interview

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Mary Tomlinson Video

Hummingbird Creative Group’s CEO, Wendy Coulter, and VP of Operations, Dan Gregory, recently interviewed Mary Tomlinson, former Director of the Disney Institute regarding brand management hurdles faced there. Wendy: “We are here this morning with Mary Tomlinson, former Director of the Disney Institute. We wanted to talk with you about brand management hurdles you faced. Please give us a little bit of … Read More

Stop Recreating Your Brand Message!

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Stop Recreating Your Brand Message

Oftentimes leadership teams, and even some marketing teams, find themselves rewriting major brand messages again and again. This generally is the result of an outside-in approach to marketing, where the organization has not taken time to understand their positioning with the target market, unique sales proposition and reasons to believe they will live their brand promise. Recreating brand messages over … Read More

Branding Your Business in 2017 Will Help Meet Business Objectives, Increase Revenue and Create a More Engaged Team

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Branding in 2017 increase revenue, more engaged team

Have you ever watched a hummingbird take flight? The continuous motion of the small, swift wings and illustrious feathers mesmerize. Draw a comparison between the evolution of ideas and this magnificent phenomenon. Ideas take flight through branding your business! The diminutive hummingbird is an icon of endurance, intuition and inspiration. In business, these qualities manifest in a similar manner. Big … Read More

Hummingbird Creative Group Treasures New Team Member Nectar

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Yolanda Dragon

Hummingbird Creative Group has expanded our team to include the talented communication contributions of Yolanda Dragon. Yolanda holds a BA in communication and minor in psychology. Her area of expertise is content creation. With a journalistic, story-telling style, Yolanda is poised to eloquently present the “brand voice” for Hummingbird clients. “We are excited to have Yolanda on our team. The … Read More

Hummingbird Creative Group Strikes Gold!

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SkySite Images web design - Davey Award Gold winner

Hummingbird Creative Group continues a tradition of stellar creativity by capturing yet another Davey Award in 2016! Distinguished from thousands of reputable creatives in media, advertising and marketing, Hummingbird Creative Group is recognized for the extraordinary web design for client Skysite Images. Overcoming challenges in time and limitations of technology, the project was successfully completed to the delight of the … Read More

What type of marketing agency is right for you?

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Marketing Agency Decision

When Choosing a Creative Services Agency: What Type is Right for You? Businesses have many choices when it comes to making marketing, advertising, printing and graphic design decisions. Choosing between a large full-service agency and a small creative services agency can make a difference in your goals, budget and service received. The below is a perspective of what you can … Read More

Does Your Brand Resonate or Ricochet?

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Recently, I was drawn to the intrigue of how certain brands, once popular in our culture, have become stagnant. In a surge to attract and drive their businesses, they have had to resurrect their brands to fit their evolving customer base. Some familiar marketing campaigns have effectively captured new audiences by connecting their customer’s experiences and preferences to the company’s … Read More

Hummingbird’s June Branding SIG in Review

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branding SIG

Hummingbird Creative Group, Inc. hosted a Branding Special Interest Group (SIG) Event in June for the Triangle chapter of the American Marketing Association. As a new member with the association, it was my first time to attend a SIG Event. I was honored to attend this particular one, as I had received a personal invitation the day before from Wendy … Read More

Branding Hurdles: brand extension

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Since its start in 1806, Colgate & Co. has introduced several major innovations to the personal care industry. They were the first company to sell scented soap, the first to sell tubed toothpaste, and among the first to offer fluoridated toothpaste. Their growth and expansion from soap to detergent to toothpaste was paved with success, and they remain one of … Read More