The New Face of Facebook

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Mostly everyone you know is probably using Facebook. According to the Facebook Newsroom, as of March 2012 there are 526 million daily users on average flipping through photos, changing status or commenting on “friends” posts. says that almost every large university or charity in America has their own page to generate brand identifications, and many businesses have Facebook pages … Read More

Hummingbird Launches Websites for PHI and Communities!

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The Presbyterian Homes, Inc. is a Continuing Care Retirement Community leader in North Carolina and a retainer client of Hummingbird Creative Group. PHI (what we will be calling The Presbyterian Homes,Inc. the rest of the way) has three communities they manage: Glenaire (Cary), Scotia Village (Laurinburg) and River Landing at Sandy Ridge (Colfax). Most recently, Hummingbird Creative Group went through … Read More

Linking to LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is the most business-centered Social Media outlet. You connect with business associates, and in turn, they connect you to their business associates. It’s a networking event you don’t have to get dressed up for! The value of this networking is endless: new connections, business leads, new customers and new valuable employees. LinkedIn reported hundreds of thousands of job applications … Read More

A Consumer’s View

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This nugget of information comes from our Creative Director, Mike. Way to often in marketing, people forget the customers and think only of the sale. This is a Mock letter to remind us all to remember the customer. Dear Marketers: I’m much smarter than your marketing gives me credit for. I don’t like to be sold…I don’t care about your … Read More

Twitts get on Twitter!

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Getting straight to the point, #Twitter is popular. In our Smartphone toting world everyone has access to the Internet quickly, and why not shoot out a text to all your friends and anyone else! Well that’s what Twitter is for. Anyone can read your witty thoughts and comments! How does Twitter help your business though? First off, let’s look at … Read More

Going Red

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Normally “seeing red” is a bad thing, but not at the Fifth Annual Triangle Go Red For Women luncheon held last Friday, May 11th 2012. I was seeing red all around me as women came in decked out in the color to support the mission of Go Red. Their mission is to educate women on heart disease as it is … Read More

The Power in Pinning

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Everyone from my closest, craftiest friends to my mother (who types one word per 30 mins) is using Pinterest. What is Pinterest? In March 2010, the site was introduced as a place where users could show off their favorite things from around the web. The image that is posted connects to a link where the rest of the article, comic, … Read More

How to Build Effective PPC Landing Pages

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80% of PPC traffic goes to an existing website page, often the homepage, which often does not offer matching messages to the ad and causes visitors to wander around trying to find relevant information… and they won’t wander long – visitors typically only spend 5 seconds on a page before deciding whether to stay or leave! Landing page goals may … Read More

Activcare Physical Therapy Rebrands

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The Situation Our client, Activcare Physical Therapy, came to us recently to share exciting new plans for growth. To that point, our branding and marketing work with them had been mainly centered around general physical therapy services, including a website, an overall service brochure, stationery and script pads which reflected the brand and assisted the practice’s sales efforts. Earlier this … Read More

Laurinburg’s Scotia Village Works a ‘Big Idea’

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The Situation Hummingbird Creative Group, Inc. has been working with The Presbyterian Homes, Inc.(PHI) for the last 4 years. We began working first with Glenaire in Cary on projects in 2007 and were named their Agency of Record (AOR) in 2008. We were named AOR for River Landing at Sandy Ridge in Colfax in 2009, and in 2010 we were … Read More