Going Red

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Normally “seeing red” is a bad thing, but not at the Fifth Annual Triangle Go Red For Women luncheon held last Friday, May 11th 2012. I was seeing red all around me as women came in decked out in the color to support the mission of Go Red. Their mission is to educate women on heart disease as it is … Read More

The Power in Pinning

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Everyone from my closest, craftiest friends to my mother (who types one word per 30 mins) is using Pinterest. What is Pinterest? In March 2010, the site was introduced as a place where users could show off their favorite things from around the web. The image that is posted connects to a link where the rest of the article, comic, … Read More

How to Build Effective PPC Landing Pages

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80% of PPC traffic goes to an existing website page, often the homepage, which often does not offer matching messages to the ad and causes visitors to wander around trying to find relevant information… and they won’t wander long – visitors typically only spend 5 seconds on a page before deciding whether to stay or leave! Landing page goals may … Read More

Activcare Physical Therapy Rebrands

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The Situation Our client, Activcare Physical Therapy, came to us recently to share exciting new plans for growth. To that point, our branding and marketing work with them had been mainly centered around general physical therapy services, including a website, an overall service brochure, stationery and script pads which reflected the brand and assisted the practice’s sales efforts. Earlier this … Read More

Laurinburg’s Scotia Village Works a ‘Big Idea’

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The Situation Hummingbird Creative Group, Inc. has been working with The Presbyterian Homes, Inc.(PHI) for the last 4 years. We began working first with Glenaire in Cary on projects in 2007 and were named their Agency of Record (AOR) in 2008. We were named AOR for River Landing at Sandy Ridge in Colfax in 2009, and in 2010 we were … Read More

The Silent Generation Speaks Loudly in Marketing Preferences

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Did you know that if you have a market niche which includes many different generations of Americans, you will benefit greatly by understanding the differences between them? It’s easy to see differences between how your grandmother thinks and acts as opposed to your nieces and nephews, but did you realize that those differences can translate into huge revenues…when you market … Read More

LinkedIn Company Profiles

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I’ve had a lot of people in the last several months congratulate me on “my new job” or ask me what’s up with my LinkedIn Profile that I’m listed as Brand Manager for several of my clients’ companies. Well, this is part of Hummingbird Creative Group’s new Social Media service offerings, which include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and other online … Read More

10 Tips for Building a Better Branding Strategy

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Interview customers and find out what really makes you different and why they buy – your competitive advantages – so you can associate your business with the wants and needs that are most pressing to them. Revisit your mission and vision, and update your marketing materials to reflect current trends, best practices and delivery options. Don’t let the information get … Read More

Hummingbird Creative Group Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary!

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Wow, how time flies! I can’t believe we’ve been building brands for companies for 15 years now. I think it’s only fitting that I use this important celebration as the excuse to begin blogging again! Here’s the story of Hummingbird Creative Group, Inc.: In 1995, I was working for a small non-profit doing event planning, graphic design and marketing, and … Read More

Why Ads Work

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The next time that you watch a political advertisement on television, keep this in mind. Why Ads Work: Ads Attack the Senses and Win Over Viewers With More than Narrative In the annals of political campaign advertising, it stands as a legend: A young girl plucking flower petals, counting each as it falls, is interrupted by a sinister voice counting … Read More