Be Negative: Using Negative Reviews for Your Brand

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Other people’s personal experiences with a business or product have clearly become a trusted source of information for would-be customers. With 60 percent of people looking at online reviews during the research phase and 93 percent of those people saying reviews do affect their purchasing decisions, negative reviews can be a powerful detractor or ally for your brand. If a … Read More

The Instagram Shadowban

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There a rumors swirling around the Internet about an Instagram Shadowban. What’s an Instagram Shadowban? Has your brand been affected? How can you fix it if you have? The Instagram Shadowban was rumored to be Instagram rendering your hashtags “undiscoverable”. You can use your hashtags, but your photo won’t be seen by users outside your followers list. Your photo won’t … Read More

9 of the Best (and Worst!) April Fools’ Pranks from Brands

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It’s that time of year again when brand’s get rewarded for their humor: April Fools’ Day! April Fools’ Day falls on a Sunday this year– the same Sunday as Easter– which leaves brands wanting to roll out their pranks the Friday before. Some of the pranks are going to be amazing and have people talking about them for years to … Read More

3 Steps for Employee Involvement

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it’s as easy as 1-2-3 It’s a fact: engaged employees help create strong brands which makes employee involvement very important. Many companies focus all their branding efforts outside the office– advertising campaigns, packaging, social media ads, print ads and more. But there’s a powerful branding tool inside your walls. Regardless of your industry, building a strong brand requires that all … Read More

6 Signs You’re the Taylor Swift of Branding

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From country music to pop music to whatever she’s doing now, Taylor Swift is a powerhouse in the music industry. Just her name alone can sell out stadiums in mere minutes. Her success doesn’t just seem come from her talent but from how she markets herself and the brand she has built surrounding her name. With the release of her … Read More

A Bot Named Sue: Facebook Chatbots

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As very few people know, Facebook released their version of a virtual assistant, M, in August 2015. Its was able to purchase items for users, arrange deliveries, reserve restaurant tables, make travel plans– things human personal assistants do. As of April 2017, it was only available to 10,000 users. That means, out of over one billion Facebook users, less than … Read More

5 Ways to Start Redefining Your Brand

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Should you be redefining your brand strategy? Brand differentiation is a huge priority for any organization, but when you focus only on how you’re different, you’re missing the bigger picture. Setting yourself apart from your competition isn’t enough to make someone decide to pick your brand. In addition to differentiating from your competitors, your brand also needs to have its … Read More

3 Reasons Non-EU Businesses Should Care About GDPR

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If your work is on the Internet, like us, then you’ve should have heard about the General Data Privacy Regulation (or, better known as the GDPR). Starting on May 25, 2018, this new regulation will impact the way marketers do their jobs and how organizations obtain, store and manage the data of EU citizens. This will affect information from: Austria … Read More

4 Tips for Branding on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn can feel like the best kept secret sometimes. Your colleagues might utter it in passing conversations or blogs on branding and use the term in passing, but no one really explains what it is and how to use it to build your brand. LinkedIn explained LinkedIn is a social network for professionals created for anybody and everybody looking to … Read More

Wendy Coulter Talks Branding on Lightsource Education Podcast

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Listen as Wendy Coulter, CEO and president of Hummingbird Creative Group, talks branding with Andres Quintana of Lightsource Education Podcast.  Short on time? Check out the show notes below!  Make sure you listen to the podcast for more insights into bettering your brand!