How-To: Writing an Effective Creative Brief

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start your creative projects off on the right foot Starting a new creative project for your company can seem like a daunting task. There’s so much you need to get organized and in place for your team (internal or external) before work can being. If you’re planning to start a new project, a creative brief can be a useful tool … Read More

Vanishing Content: Ephemeral Marketing

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ephemeral content provides some of the best engagement rate Short-lived content, lasting at its longest 24 hours, that eventually disappears forever has been a huge trend in 2018. Snapchat has been leading the pack when it comes to ephemeral marketing. With 10 billion daily video views, according to the platform, it’s a great way to reach the iGeneration and younger … Read More

The Age of Artificial Intelligence

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marketing’s use of AI for a better customer experience When you hear the words “artificial intelligence”, do you think of Skynet or do you think of C3PO and R2D2 from Star Wars? While artificial intelligence isn’t quite what we’ve seen in SciFi films, it’s doing some pretty cool things for marketing. what exactly is AI? Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is … Read More

Choosing a Type

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introduction to type tutorial Typography is the study of type, and the art of using this types/fonts to create something beautifully designed. To keep it simple we are going to discuss the 3 main sets of typefaces called Serif, Sans Serif and what we are going to call“Decorative” . These three font types can generally span all variety of types by having many sub … Read More

Three Ways to Build Better Backlinks

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Backlinks can really help boost your brands SEO and should be built into your branding strategy. You may find yourself questioning how to build backlinks to your website for the best SEO results. Even people with backlink experience ask themselves this question after Google releases a new algorithm update. So, what are backlinks? Backlinks are links to your website from … Read More

Don’t Go for Discount Design

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discount design websites are the wrong choice Several websites where clients can now go online, give a low bid, and “receive hundreds of options from designers around the world” for logos and other design projects have hit the internet over the last few years. These sites make promises of a “no-strings attached” web design with “no maintenance necessary” for a “low, … Read More

3 Tips for Approaching a Rebrand: Telling Your Brand Story

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The word “rebrand” can sound scary and daunting, but sometimes it’s in your brand’s best interest to go through a rebrand. Sometimes it’s due to a merger or acquisition of another company, or it could be because of a shift in your approach to business. Other brands try to rebrand to shed some excessive baggage or negative press. Other times, … Read More

How You Can Help Your Marketing Team Boost Social Engagement

Wendy CoulterSocial Media

Social media can feel like a scary beast sometimes– you never know what’s going on, you can’t figure out how to increase engagement, and what even is a “like” anyways? Luckily, there are people out there that can help. You’re your brand’s expert, no one knows it like you do. Social media coordinators are the experts on social media, they … Read More

Choosing a Corporate Color

Wendy CoulterCorporate Identification

In order to choose a corporate color, you must first have an understanding of what color is and how different colors affect people psychologically. The sun emits a wide spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, which then carries varying wavelengths and frequencies. These wavelengths can be high frequency– such as x-rays and infrared waves– or they can be low frequency– like radio … Read More