How You Can Help Your Marketing Team Boost Social Engagement

Wendy CoulterSocial Media

Social media can feel like a scary beast sometimes– you never know what’s going on, you can’t figure out how to increase engagement, and what even is a “like” anyways? Luckily, there are people out there that can help. You’re your brand’s expert, no one knows it like you do. Social media coordinators are the experts on social media, they … Read More

Choosing a Corporate Color

Wendy CoulterCorporate Identification

In order to choose a corporate color, you must first have an understanding of what color is and how different colors affect people psychologically. The sun emits a wide spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, which then carries varying wavelengths and frequencies. These wavelengths can be high frequency– such as x-rays and infrared waves– or they can be low frequency– like radio … Read More

Website, Web App or Native Mobile App?

Hummingbird CreativeBranding & Creative

where you should place your brand online? So, you need to get your brand online. Unfortunately, you’re not an IT professional and the options you’ve been presented with are overwhelming. How do you choose what will work best and spread awareness about your brand the furthest? You don’t even know what you need: a website, a web application, or a … Read More

Brand Vocabulary Matters

Hummingbird CreativeBranding & Creative

speaking the same language as your customers So you’re a business trying to get your name out there. Hurtle one: being discovered. You’ve spent hundreds of hours working on your service, message and story– now, it’s time to share with the world. Here’s where you might stumble; because you’ve spent the time cementing the value of your product so you can crystalize … Read More

Hummingbird’s Guide to Determining Your Media Budget

Hummingbird CreativeBranding & Creative

media budget hummingbird creative group

media budgeting for your brand Because we work with many local businesses, one of the toughest concepts some clients try to tackle is determining their media budget. Although some marketing initiatives just require your time, like networking, asking for reviews, or asking for referrals, some require a financial investment– oftentimes a significant investment for a small business. From your online … Read More

IHOB: What This Means for IHOP’s Brand

Hummingbird CreativeBranding & Creative

should we consider this campaign a hit or a miss? IHOP, also known as the International House of Pancakes, made a huge announcement June 4. For 60 pancakin’ years, we’ve been IHOP. Now, we’re flippin’ our name to IHOb. Find out what it could b on 6.11.18. #IHOb — IHOb (@IHOb) June 4, 2018 Over the course of a … Read More

Branding Tips for Real Estate

Hummingbird CreativeBranding & Creative

more than just a pretty picture It takes more than just a catchy tagline and a beautiful logo to have a successful real estate brand. The real secret to a great real estate brand if the combination of a creative and consistent message and eye-catching visuals. It takes a strong traditional and digital media presence, valuable content and regular interaction … Read More

Hummingbird Celebrates Three New Awards

Hummingbird CreativeAnnouncements, Awards

Hummingbird has won three awards from the 35th Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards!  Sponsored by Healthcare Marketing Report, the Healthcare Advertising Awards is the oldest, largest and most widely respected healthcare awards. They recognize outstanding work and creative inspiration within the Healthcare industry. Our work went before a national panel of judges who were looking for creativity, quality, message effectiveness consumer … Read More

Fix Your Email Marketing

Hummingbird CreativeBranding & Creative

Email newsletters are awesome. They’re a great way for your brand to interact with clients and followers, then can generate leads and sales, and they can help your overall marketing plan. According to My Content Co, The email newsletter is a great way to work in the core tenants of inbound marketing in just one piece: lead generating, lead nurturing, … Read More

Direct Traffic, Dark Social and More

Hummingbird CreativeBranding & Creative

You’re checking out your Google Analytics, seeing where people are coming from. Referral, social, organic, paid, display. All pretty self-explanatory. But wait, what about the direct traffic? What does that even mean? When it comes to direct traffic in Analytics, there are two myths that need to be cleared up. The first myth is that direct traffic reads as people … Read More