strategic branding

Often times prospective customers come to us wanting to “rebrand”, thinking they are going to update their logo or design a new website and launch a new, wonderful brand. But, when we look at what they have, it’s not usually the brand aesthetics that’s at the heart of what they need to have a successful brand. What’s missing most of the time is the brand story reflected through strong brand strategy, message points and coordinating graphics that draw new customers in. At Hummingbird Creative Group, we have a strong process for developing a brand story through customer insight, positioning and the “Big Idea.”

insight + positioning = the BIG IDEA 
for a great brand story

Hummingbird Creative Group’s philosophy is to provide insightful big ideas, intuitive innovation and inspiring creative, which brings to life each client’s brand story and translates your strategic positioning into reality. Insight and Positioning are at the core of what we call BIG IDEAS. And how, exactly, do we come up with those?

find the nectar: gain insight from customers to identify competitive advantages and reasons to believe

Sadly enough many organizations skip through this critical developmental step based on what a company “thinks” it knows about their existing customer relationships. We want you to “know you know” what your customers and prospects are thinking. Finding The Nectar is about having one-on-one conversations with your customers, lost customers and prospects to learn the nuances of your client-provider relationships. Hummingbird will work with you to determine the right mix of people you believe love you, like you and are possibly looking for an alternative provider. You’d be surprised how much they will tell us, things they might not share with you.

strategic brandingOur insight team of senior marketing strategists will work with you to craft the perfect script of questions to use in conversations to determine: 1) why current customers chose you; 2) what customers believe differentiates you from competitors; 3) what a prospect is looking for when shopping for your services; 4) why lost customers and prospects chose competitors; and 5) what it will take to turn a one-time buyer into an opportunity for cross-selling.

Our goal is to find out why customers bought, why they keep coming back, and what prospects are looking for. That directly tells us the company’s competitive advantages in the customer’s words. During the interviews, we are listening to hear what voice we should speak in and what types of words we should use to make the most impact. The knowledge gained from the Insight process will give greater clarity into the messaging needed in order for your organization to accumulate market share and develop a strong positioning statement.

build your nest: define your internal culture, define what you take pride in and analyze competition/target market to develop strong positioning

Once we have completed the insight interviews, we take a critical look at your competitors and your target market. Hummingbird’s team writes an initial positioning statement utilizing the language and competitive advantages we’ve learned from your customers and prospects, as well as information we learn from competitive analysis. This is presented to your stakeholders at an internal insight meeting, and we work with you to craft a final positioning statement for your company that reflects your culture, customer needs, customer perceptions and competitive advantages.

This statement will serve as the foundation of a brand platform that can be used in ways to engage and encourage team members to “live the brand” and customers to “recognize and remember the brand.”

stretch your wings: develop a BIG IDEA, a sustainable branding platform

The interviews with customers, prospects and stakeholders not only help define your company positioning, but also help us find a common voice, common words and what we call the common thread, which turns into our BIG IDEA. That thread-turned-big-idea gives Hummingbird the perfect platform to inspire a creative brand story, essentially written by your customers! This BIG IDEA ultimately translates into a tagline or other major marketing messages and visuals that tie the brand together. Since we let the customers help shape the message, you know it’s going to resonate and help attract new business, and branding becomes a less subjective process. In this step of our process, the Hummingbird creative team will actually “pitch” the BIG IDEA to you so you can see it in an application such as your website homepage design or an ad campaign.

The Big IDEA may take shape in the form of:
  • a company name
  • a brand statement/tagline that customers and prospects can identify as distinctly you
  • other major marketing messages to drive campaigns
  • other visual brand elements (fonts, colors, photos, style marks, etc.) that support the overall brand architecture