David taking Mike's photoPhotos catch the eye. Photos tell stories. And photos say something about your company.

Many companies turn to stock services to find the images they need for a website, blog post or advertisement. But stock images look like just that. Customers can tell when that photo of a smiling woman wearing a headset is something 14 other companies use.

Hummingbird Creative Group’s team of photographers can create custom photos that provide your customers with an authentic yet professional look at your company’s services or products.

photos that convert

A few seconds… That is how long someone may look at your website or brochure before making the decision to go elsewhere. The quality of images on your printed and online materials makes a lasting impression, and can convert — or deter — potential buyers. Hummingbird’s professional team can make your subjects stand out, giving confidence to potential clients.

photos with credibility

Amateur photography is easy to spot. Buyers know the difference, and assume poor quality means you have not invested in your company image. Small companies don’t have to look inferior to big brands. Boost your company’s credibility with images that stand out.

photos with personality

While many people argue that smartphone cameras are better than ever, nothing replaces a professional photographer’s eye. Even if you’re shooting some team headshots “just for” social media, a professional photographer can help you make the most of any situation, enhancing your image while still offering a fun glimpse into the personalities of your staff. A professional will make sure the lighting and poses flatter those of us who aren’t professional models and keep your team at ease so they appear natural. The end result is your team looking happy, comfortable, and capable for your potential buyer.

photos with inspire

Hummingbird’s philosophy centers around insightful big ideas, intuitive innovation and inspiring creative. You may not know exactly what photos you want or need to showcase your company or your brand. We love to chat with you about the types of images that not only make you stand out among your competitors, but that stand out from the entire pack. We believe photos can be professional and still be artful.

our photography process

Our photography team starts by meeting with you to learn about your photo needs. We take a look at the people or things we will create images of, and may take measurements or make notes about lighting, angles, and more. We can then set an appointment for your photo session. Sessions vary in length, depending on the subjects and needs of your company. If we are shooting at your office or business, our photography team will let you know what to expect, including time needed to set up and take down equipment.

photography services

David Williams, Photographer

  • Headshots
  • Team photos
  • Food and beverage
  • Building exteriors
  • Office environments
  • Brochure and advertising photos
  • Blog post photos