sales pitch support

Pitching your company to a potential client or customer sometimes feels like just that: you lob the ball into the air, and wait to see if you get a hit or not.

The sales pitching process should not be a game of hope and chance, but a targeted, scripted sales enablement effort that nets results. In fact, at Hummingbird Creative Group, we don’t use the word “pitch,” at all. “Pitching” implies speaking at a customer, not to him.

hummingbird creative group sales strategy

We begin by analyzing your current process. What is working? What’s not working? We examine your data and methods. We know your sales team is full of experts. We want to collaborate with them to find out how they think they process could be improved, and include that valuable input as part of the plan.

Hummingbird officeNext, we research. Research is crucial in three areas of sales:

  • Types of customers – Cold calling a desert nomad to sell him a rowboat is obviously not going to be effective. We can help you figure out which categories of potential customers are best suited for your company’s product or service, and fit well with your company brand and style. This research includes a look at your current customers’ including location, demographics, and interests. Are you missing out on a potential group who wants or needs your services or products?
  • Best approaches – Once we narrow down your customer fields, we can narrow down the approaches that will work. Studies show that 82% of sellers are out of sync with the buyer. Understanding your buyer is the key to making a sale. Hummingbird can help you research your buyers so your sales team will know what problems they need solved.
  • Whom to call – You might have the right approach and the right customer, but if he or she isn’t the decisions maker, you’re wasting your time. Make sure you are speaking to the person who can sign up for your company’s service or product.

ditch the pitch

We use this data and analysis to produce a customized plan for your organization. Yes, we can help with scripts. But nothing is going to deter buyers more than a blatant sales pitch. Your sales team should be ready to go off script, prepared for a dialogue.

Your unique sales plan may include:

  • A list of objectives for your sales team
  • Sales team training to align sales and marketing
  • Calls to action
  • Printed marketing materials
  • Presentation templates and slide decks
  • Proposal templates
  • Marketing automation
  • Changes to the website to improve conversions
  • Strategies for best approaches
  • Data about potential targets, customers
  • Tradeshow support
  • Speaking and sponsorship opportunities

media pitches/public relations

Pitching isn’t just for salespeople. Getting coverage in the news is a difficult task these days because there are fewer news reporters out there covering more news. How do you get their attention? At Hummingbird, we use the same research-heavy, targeted approach to help you choose which media organizations, what story, and when.

Sending a generic press release to 452 media outlets might net some results, but you’ll be far more effective with individual outreach to reporters who cover your type of news. Let us help you land the coverage you’re looking for.

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