website design and development

Hummingbird Creative Group designs and develops websites that can accommodate the current demands for your business as well as building flexibility to take advantage of future opportunities as your needs change. We build responsive mobile-friendly implementations on the WordPress content management system. Here are links to some of our WordPress website projects:

Art Hive Online –
Banks Law Firm –
Essentia, Inc. –
Fraysen Systems –
Web-TeamNC Executive Roundtable –
The Noble Law Firm –
Pennington Law Firm –
Stockton Graham & Co. –
The Triangle Golf Challenge –

Hummingbird Creative Group (HCG) uses a six-phase approach to web design and implementation as follows:

phase 1: project definition

Working collaboratively, Hummingbird Creative Group facilitates a conversation with each website design and development client that further defines:

  1. Company background, personality and vision
  2. Purpose
  3. Platform needs
  4. Content responsibilities
  5. Sitemap overview/Information architecture
  6. Expectations

phase 2: plan & structure

Taking client defined goals, we will schedule the appropriate resources and build the preliminary structure for client approval. Steps include:

  1. Competitive analysis / industry overview
  2. Scheduling
  3. Technology planning (hosting and domain registration information)
  4. Audit existing content
  5. Finalize Sitemap
  6. Create User Experience (UX)/Information Architecture Requirements Document

phase 3: creative & content

Once the client approves the structure and plan, we systematically develop the concepts and storyboards to accomplish the client-defined goals. Steps include:

  1. Develop concepts and storyboards
  2. Client review – first preliminary
  3. Application of feedback
  4. Assemble assets for build
  5. Creative and functionality
  6. Edit client-supplied content as needed
  7. Final review

phase 4: development/database

HCG takes approved assets (content, images and functionality) and completes the build out. The process includes:

  1. Build pages and prepare for content load
  2. Content load
  3. Develop/load tags
  4. Testing & QA
  5. Client testing
  6. Pre-launch punch list

phase 5: launch

At the completion of the pre-launch punch list, the site is scheduled for launch with the client’s approval. Our system administrators will move the site from the development server to the production server. This step includes:

  1. Launch site
  2. Post launch release updates
  3. Client administrator training

phase 6: ongoing maintenance

We offer ongoing maintenance plans post-launch on a monthly basis.