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Southern Dermatology is a local dermatology practice with two distinct focus areas. One part of the practice, The Southern Dermatology Skin Cancer Center, offers the latest in medical dermatology services and Mohs micrographic services, the most effective treatment for skin cancer today. The other part of the practice, Southern Dermatology Skin Renewal Center, offers advanced therapies for skin care, laser hair removal and body aesthetics, microdermabrasion, CoolSculpting, Botox Cosmetics and other aesthetic services. The areas are separated within the practice, including distinct entrances for patients. Southern Dermatology needed a more holistic brand identity for that could encompass both sides of their businesses.  They also needed to grow and market the skin renewal side of the business.

Challenge:  Bringing Wholeness to a Fractured Brand

As the practice’s doctors developed a vision for growth, the naming structure became difficult to manage in terms of internal processes, marketing initiatives and patient awareness. The name was confusing, and there was a desire for a more memorable name and corporate identity for the practice to emerge.

I wanted - Big ideaSolution:  A Unified Brand Identity Differentiating Southern Dermatology From The Competition

While Southern Dermatology’s competitors were bombarding their audience with ads featuring flawless, photo-shopped women, Hummingbird chose a different approach and cultivated a more inclusive brand identity; one that showed real people with a real desire to make a difference in their lives.

Photos highlighted diversity, and encompassed all cultures, ages, and lifestyles, while headlines such as “I wanted to look strong and confident, just like I feel,” focused on inner empowerment, rather than a desire to be perfect.

Hummingbird also spotlighted Southern Dermatology’s considerable advantage over their MedSpa competitors: safe and expert skin renewal services with meticulous physician oversight.

Through insight interviews with Southern Dermatology staff and physicians, Hummingbird rebranded the business with a new name that reflected the doctors’ desire to reflect southern cultural traits expressed as humble, gentle and trusted, as well as a desire to be able to grow more comprehensive services regionally.

Southern Dermatology’s redesigned logo featured a tree–symbolic of knowledge (expertise), growth (expansion), re-growth (healing) and effectively unified both sides of the business.  One side of the tree is calming blue, the other violet, while soothing green leaves weave throughout the logo, integrating both sides.


  • Less brand confusion and more patient appointments
  • More impactful messaging
  • More professional presentation of services to patients
  • Faster, easier to navigate website
  • Improved Google rankings
  • Consistently growth of social media presence
  • Increased exposure of events to community 

Client Feedback

“Southern Dermatology’s experience as a client of Hummingbird has been great! I can say that Dr. Boyse’s business has grown. The team at Hummingbird is extremely helpful, giving suggestions/ideas I would have never thought about. It takes a lot of legwork to come to an end result – I wouldn’t know how to put it all together, but they do. The knowledge and experience they bring to the table is invaluable. We’re making a lot of headway and have a lot more to do within our marketing relationship. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next!” Shelby Auch, Practice Manager at Southern Dermatology

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