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Stockton Graham & Co.® is a specialty coffee roaster and wholesale beverage, equipment and accessory distributor located in Raleigh, NC. Their core support team offers practical experience, insight, training and support to retailers to help increase sales and profits.

In 1996, Stockton Graham hired Hummingbird Creative Group to develop a logo and corporate identity for Classic Coffees, and to ultimately rename and brand the company as a one-stop shop for beverage retailers for all their supplies.

Since then Hummingbird and Stockton Graham & Co. have built a partnership that not only incorporates branding and marketing, but also includes strategic planning, project management and business modeling.


Stockton Graham was initially facing the challenge of finding an agency that would function as a member of their team and provide a full scope of branding, creative and marketing services. Since then they have experienced consistent growth, and adapting to the changing market has been a key concern.

Hummingbird has rebranded the company several times over the years to enable them to adapt to changing trends and achieve their business goals.

In the most recent rebranding of Stockton Graham & Co. the message from customers was clear: the work they do crafting a great coffee is an ART, and combining that with their ability to help customers understand the BUSINESS of coffee is a strong market differentiator.

BIG IDEA: Blending the Art and Business of Coffee


With the roasters focused on Art, and the sales people focused on educating customers on the Business of coffee so they can be sustainable, the idea of “blending” the two came to the forefront of the rebranding process.

To visually represent the Art of hand-crafted coffees, Hummingbird developed a concept using an illustrative style with cut paper. To represent the Business idea, “BE-AN guy” images were developed representing different adventures, jobs and product lines related to the coffee and specialty beverage industry.

Hummingbird also recently took on the task of promoting Stockton Graham & Co.’s 20th Anniversary, including an anniversary icon, marketing materials and packaging for a limited released coffee blend, themed website sliders, social media content and more.


  • Steady sales growth in new vertical markets
  • High click-through rate on triggered email campaigns
  • Steady growth of website visits and social media engagement
  • Reduced time making website edits through WordPress platform and templating
  • Improved marketing toolbox for sales and customer care teams
  • More distinct competitive advantages communicated through clear positioning in the market



Hummingbird’s rebranding efforts have helped to grow our core customer base and average purchase size while preparing us for a changing marketplace. Contributing factors in this were comments from the customers that our website, collateral and public relations initiatives gave them confidence in us as a company having a well thought out, articulated business strategy.

Jeff Vojta, Stockton Graham & Co.