Stop Recreating Your Brand Message!

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Stop Recreating Your Brand Message

Oftentimes leadership teams, and even some marketing teams, find themselves rewriting major brand messages again and again. This generally is the result of an outside-in approach to marketing, where the organization has not taken time to understand their positioning with the target market, unique sales proposition and reasons to believe they will live their brand promise. Recreating brand messages over and over results in more work for the marketing team and inconsistent messaging, which can decrease brand equity and negatively impact sales efforts.

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, said, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room.” What are people saying about your brand when you are not in the room. Finding that out is key to writing a great brand message that resonates with prospects. Find out by talking to your customers, team and vendors to see what your true competitive advantages are. There, you will find a common thread and common language to help build your unique brand story and position your brand for growth.

Truly understanding your target market and gaining insight into your competitive advantages is key to developing a brand message that resonates with the target market and sticks. Positioning serves as the foundation of a brand platform that will engage and encourage team members to “live the brand” and customers to “recognize and remember the brand.” Clear, concise messaging built on strong positioning will help you keep your marketing and sales cups full!

If you find yourself recreating your brand message over and over, Hummingbird Creative Group can help you develop your unique brand message through insight interviews, positioning and a great BIG idea! Let’s grab a cup of coffee and talk about positioning your brand to keep your cup full! Contact Wendy at 919-854-9100 x. 301