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When talking about branding, it’s ironic that the word “branding” doesn’t have a strong brand itself. The word is often misused or misunderstood to mean just a company’s logo or how they visually represent themselves. But, branding goes deeper than that and, the deeper it goes, the more likely you are to have a strong brand.

If you’re wanting to reach new customers and keep the old ones, branding is vitally important to your overall business strategy. But, in order to create a strong brand, there are three key ingredients you need.

A Defined Purpose

While a brand promise is great, and necessary for your brand, your brand purpose is what really at the heart of a strong brand. For your brand story to be compelling, you need to define a purpose. Consumers want to see brands with bigger missions than just selling products and services. Consumers want to see brands bring value to the world.

“Every brand makes a promise,” said Allen Adamson, chairman of the North American region of Landor Associates. “But, in a marketplace in which consumer confidence is low and budgetary vigilance is high, it’s not just making a promise that separates one brand from another, but having a defining purpose.”

How you define your brand purpose can be viewed in two ways:

  • Functional- success is evaluated in terms of immediate and commercial reasons
  • Intentional- success is evaluated through the company’s ability to make money while doing good in the world

Of course, every business wants to make money. But, brands who lead their business with their purpose show they’re willing to achieve more than just profitability.

Strong Brand Suggestion

Write an elevator pitch for your brand. It should be a short summary of your business and why it’s important. Boil down your values into a specific purpose that you can lead with. If you have trouble finding your purpose through your values, take a step back and reevaluate. If you have trouble finding your purpose, your customers will too.


Brand continuity, or brand consistency, is pretty easy to maintain once there’s a set of standards in place. You simply just avoid things that don’t enhance your brand or would confuse your audience.

You can create a style guide that encompasses everything about your brand, from the colors you use to the writing style you use, to avoid confusing potential customers about who you are. Your brand strategy should be clear and compelling to everyone who comes into contact with it. How your customer will benefit from your product and service needs to be explicit across all channels.

Strong Brand Suggestion

Use your brand style guide and infuse your brand strategy into every point of contact. This can include marketing, customer service, employee culture, your own personal brand and more.

Customer Loyalty

The stronger the brand, the more loyal the customer — and the world’s strongest brands don’t just have customers, they have advocates. As we’ve written in the past, we are now in the Age of Advocacy, and it’s the perfect time to embrace and encourage customer advocacy within your brand strategy. Customers still remain some of the largest untapped resources for a company even though they’re a fantastic way to market your brand for a low cost. Brand advocates champion their favorite brands by referring other potential customers by word-of mouth.

Strong Brand Suggestion

Find influencers in your area who fit in your business category to develop brand advocates.

Branding is an art form and, as with any for of art, building a strong brand is all about bringing to the table something no one else can. The competition is on your heels so it’s time to find what makes you different.

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