The Importance of Being Authentic to Branding a B2B Service Business

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being authentic

keeping it real In today’s instant message, Twitter and Instagram societies, people are quick to respond that they “kept it real.” That vernacular means a person stayed true to their core beliefs… especially when facing adversity. We reserve a special place in our hearts for people who keep it real… who place value on being authentic. In fact, pop culture, … Read More

Corporate ID Materials Are Essential for Branding Professional Services Businesses

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corporate ID materials

If you’re in the business of selling professional services, you are in good company. You invested a lot of time and energy and money into getting your education and training and certifications… Then you brainstormed and strategized and executed… And now you’ve established your brand. But how much thought have you given to your corporate ID materials? start with a … Read More

2018: A Marketing Year In Review

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marketing year in review

The past year has been a wild ride. The weather… the fires… the politics… the stock market. And through it all, marketing creatives have stayed the course. Here are some of the most memorable campaigns and trends from 2018: A Marketing Year in Review. try a hot toddy, dear Alexa lost her voice This hilarious Super Bowl LII commercial conjures … Read More

Naughty or Nice Brands

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naughty or nice

We’re sure YOU made Santa’s “nice” list… Every year there are companies whose marketing campaigns deserve both a gold star and the grandest of gifts from ol’ St. Nick. And then there are those naughty ones that deserve a lump of coal. Here we identify some that took flight 2018… and others that dropped like a rock out of the … Read More

Expand Your Business, Be a Global Brand

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global brand

To build a global brand, you need to do more than just launch a website that can be accessed anywhere in the world or put up social media accounts that you think anyone can find. Launching your brand across borders takes work and an deep understanding of your customer base and cultural needs. As with any form of branding, you … Read More

Building a Brand Advocate Program

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Brand with heart - Hummingbird Creative Group

Businesses have entered what marketers are calling the Age of Advocacy! It’s the perfect time to strategically embrace and encourage customer advocacy by creating opportunities for your customers to advocate on behalf of the brand. To build a brand advocate, it’s important to break down what a brand advocate is. Simply put, a brand advocate is someone who loves your … Read More

Three Keys to Building Your Brand Purpose

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Fist raised - Hummingbird Creative Group - Brand Purpose

According to the findings of Marketing 2020 and Insights 2020, differences between over- and under-performing organizations generally tie back to total customer experience, customer obsession and insights engine resulting in: “More than a set of activities, customer-centricity is a strategy to deliver business value against customer needs, guided by brand purpose,” said Frank van den Driest, Chief Commercial Officer, Millward … Read More

Keys to Understanding & Building a Brand Ritual

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Oreos - Hummingbird Creative Group - Brand Ritual

A brand ritual is the shared experience of how consumers enjoy your brand. To qualify as a brand ritual, and not just a habit or a routine, it must include a regular set of actions consumers participate in that adds value to the brand experience. Most brands get stuck on what the product does or what the brand represents. A … Read More

Branding Hurdles: Eric Masters Interview

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Eric Masters Branding Hurdles Interview - Hummingbird Creative Group

Hummingbird Creative Group’s CEO, Wendy Coulter, and VP of Operations, Dan Gregory, recently interviewed Eric Masters, VP of Marketing regarding Relias Learning branding hurdles they faced and how they overcame them. What is Branding? Wendy: So we’re here today with Eric Masters, VP of marketing at Relias Learning. Thank you so much for coming over. We really appreciate you taking … Read More

Branding Hurdles: Mike Ganey Interview

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Mike Ganey Branding Hurdles Interview - Hummingbird Creative Group

Hummingbird Creative Group’s CEO, Wendy Coulter, and VP of Operations, Dan Gregory, recently interviewed Mike Ganey, VP of Marketing at House-Autry Mills regarding branding hurdles they faced there and how they overcame them. Mike: My name’s Mike Ganey. I’m the VP of marketing at House Autry Mills, which is a company that’s been around since 1812 down east. It’s a … Read More