Inconsistent Branding and New Coke

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New Coke is considered by many to be the greatest brand failure ever. This inconsistent branding rose from Coke’s desire to regain market share after customers seemed to prefer the sweeter taste of rival Pepsi-Cola, and in an effort to boost slumping sales in the early 1980s. The public went nuts. People were absolutely devastated by the change and that … Read More

Brand Identity: The Face of Your Business

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Having a strong brand is crucial when differentiating yourself from your competitors and it helps steer business decisions. If you’re working to build your brand identity for your business– no matter if it’s the first or fourth time– it can seem overwhelming and difficult to know where to start. A great first step to creating your brand identity is to … Read More

Protect Your Brand from Copycats

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There are many steps to building a brand and, once you’ve finally created something that speaks to your clients and tells the world what you’re about, you want to protect your hard work. While this may mean a significant upfront cost for your business, it will protect your brand and keep your message from being diluted by competitors.   If … Read More

Brand Ambition: Building a Personal Brand

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As we’ve discussed before, branding is the mark you want your company to leave, the niche you want your company to fill and the package you present your company as. You create a brand strategy to build on positioning and your big idea. Your big idea ultimately translates into a creative brand story that you can take into the world … Read More

4 Tips for Better Brand Management

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Your company brand is your mark on the world– it’s what sets you apart and what your customers calls to mind when they think of your company. Whether you’re brand new or you’ve been in business for a while, everyone can benefit from a brand management plan. Don’t let your brand management be something you figure out as you go … Read More

Three Keys to Building Your Brand Purpose

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According to the findings of Marketing 2020 and Insights 2020, differences between over- and under-performing organizations generally tie back to total customer experience, customer obsession and insights engine resulting in: “More than a set of activities, customer-centricity is a strategy to deliver business value against customer needs, guided by brand purpose,” said Frank van den Driest, Chief Commercial Officer, Millward … Read More

Keys to Understanding & Building a Brand Ritual

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A brand ritual is the shared experience of how consumers enjoy your brand. To qualify as a brand ritual, and not just a habit or a routine, it must include a regular set of actions consumers participate in that adds value to the brand experience. Most brands get stuck on what the product does or what the brand represents. A … Read More

Hummingbird hosted Triangle AMA Branding SIG on Friday, April 22

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The Science Behind Branding Do you feel that the importance of data is overtaking the importance of brand, or is it complementary, necessary and helpful? Some argue automation and analytics diminish creativity. Others argue that brands can be more creative because they no longer have to be reactive. Weigh in on the debate around if and how branding, automation and … Read More

How to Articulate Your Brand Internally

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There is a lot of advice out there about branding yourself, your business, and a combination of the two. Whatever you choose, you do not just have to communicate that brand publicly. You must also articulate your brand within your own organization. Without internal fidelity a brand falls apart. What people don’t understand is that brand is the skin of … Read More

Creative Inspiration from Hummingbird’s Creative Director – Q&A

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Even though our Creative Director, Mike Neel is grounded in the graphic arts, he likes to look outside the box for creative inspiration. Q: What inspires you? A: Stories.  There is nothing I like better than visiting with people who have truly lived, who have this innate ability of describing events as well as the ability to take a mundane … Read More