Wondering Why Business Leaders Should Embrace Brand Development? Here Are 3 Good Reasons

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Roughly 35% of final decision-makers for marketing spending are Disengaged Doubters, and 78% of Disengaged Doubters are more likely to be in senior leadership or ownership roles in the organizations they represent. This segment from our 2021 study isn’t generally familiar with branding development or interested in making it a priority…but they’re in a powerful position when it comes to … Read More

Branding Strategy — How To Build Strong Brands for Maximum Business Value

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Would you agree that having a strong brand is critical if you want your business to be a market leader? If you said yes, you’re in the majority…along with 86% of the professional leaders Hummingbird surveyed in 2021.  Our survey was part of a larger initiative to gain better insight into the attitudes and perspectives of marketing decision-makers with respect … Read More

Building a Strong Brand Presence? Incorporate 4 Key Elements

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Hummingbird’s 2021 initiative to understand how professionals think about a strong brand revealed some surprising statistics: 35% of respondents said they aren’t sure they know all the elements of a strong brand. Among those who aren’t as familiar with brand development and are less likely to prioritize it (we call those Disengaged Doubters), the number is even higher! 63% said … Read More

Hummingbird Creative Group Reveals Secrets to Branding Strategy

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In 2021, Hummingbird embarked on an initiative to gain better insight into the attitudes and perspectives of marketing decision-makers with respect to branding. We partnered with Audience Audit Inc to design a study exploring how professionals think about the value of a strong brand and the characteristics they associate with strong brands. Among 153 participants in our study, all had … Read More

Expert Opinion: What Branding Does for Transferable Business Value

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Remember the Wizard? His brand seemed so upscale, so hip. The all-powerful Oz had a great thing going until Toto yanked on that curtain. But even then you had to admire the guy’s ingenuity—he created lots of buzz about Emerald City just by branding it correctly. At Hummingbird, we believe that branding should add more than a little gold dust … Read More

Branding Poshmark: Now THIS Is How You Do Voice of the Customer

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2020 was a year of big challenges, and it’s not over yet. But guess what? It never will be. As long as we’re in business, there will be challenges to navigate. Hummingbird is using this space to focus on how big brands have navigated some challenging times, how some have bounced back or gotten ahead with smart branding. We investigate … Read More