Science Behind Swag

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A collage of promotional products that have been branded for Hummingbird Creative Group. This includes a tshirt, water bottle, tote bag, compact mirror, phone charging power bank, a popsocket, and a sticker.

In the world of marketing, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to capture the attention of potential customers and drive brand loyalty. Amidst the digital advertising era, one strategy continues to stand the test of time: promotional products. At Hummingbird Creative Group, we understand the power of thoughtful and strategic branding, and promotional products are a fabulous embodiment of that … Read More

Small Innovations, Big Change — What’s the Hummingbird Effect Got To Do With Branding?

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At Hummingbird, we love working with our clients to find small incremental changes they can make in their branding and marketing initiatives that create a monumental impact in their business. All our clients need to do as business leaders is share what competitors are doing, what they’ve done in the past or are currently doing within their companies, and share … Read More

Building a Strong Brand Identity: Insights from Tru by Hilton’s Journey

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Tru by Hilton has taken the hospitality industry by storm, launching in 2017 with the fastest brand launch in the industry’s history. By 2023, the hotel had more than 250 locations around the world with hundreds more in the works. What has made the brand so successful? Let’s take a closer look at their brand identity for answers.  Why Brand … Read More

Hummingbird Creative Group Honored with Hermes, Marcom, and Davey Awards

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Cary-based agency receives accolades for creative design work from top industry awards organization Hummingbird Creative Group, a boutique branding agency located in Cary NC, is celebrating the results of the 2023 awards circuit, winning several industry awards recognizing the agency’s digital branding, marketing, and creative efforts.  The Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP) presents the Hermes Awards to honor … Read More

The Difference Between A Strong Brand vs. Advertising vs. Marketing— Which Is Better for Service Providers?

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“There is so much advertising these days, it’s hard to know what’s real. Advertising and Marketing tactics may make me consider a company or visit their website, but brand and testimonials would make me hire them.” This, at its core, is the difference between a strong brand vs. advertising vs. marketing. And this…from a Brand Believer who responded to our … Read More

How Strong Branding and Core Values Alignment Help Service Providers Succeed

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83% of respondents in our 2021 study said that a provider having a strong brand would either definitely or probably make them more likely to continue working with that provider. 79% said it would make them more likely to recommend the service provider to someone else. When an organization is looking for vendors, the aspects of a service provider’s brand … Read More

What Thought Leadership Is and How To Incorporate It Into Your Branding

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We designed our 2021 study to explore how professionals think about the value of a strong brand and what characteristics they associate with strong brands. All of the respondents rated the four aspects of branding — strategy, identity, awareness and loyalty — as very important. And all agreed on the top element of a strong brand: position of expertise or thought … Read More