Brand and Logo, a Case of Mistaken Identity

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Setting The Record Straight As a full-service branding agency, we hear the question frequently: “what’s the difference between a brand and a logo?” Many seem to think they’re one and the same– even some agencies! So, if even the professionals are confused about the difference, how can we expect our clients to understand? Many clients feel that they have a … Read More

Part 1: 7 Things Books can do for Business & Brand

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Hummingbird Creative Group is excited to announce our first guest blogger, Karin Wiberg, owner of Clear Sight Books. This article is part one in a two-part series on building your brand through books.  At one point, authors scribbled away in their garrets in hopes of writing the next great American novel, of making the bestseller list, of reaching as many readers as … Read More

Expand Your Business, Be a Global Brand

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Tackling the global market takes a steady hand and a deep understanding of cultures around the world to keep from making avoidable blunders. While, to some small degree, the widespread availability of the Internet has made it possible for all brands to become global, the Internet does not guarantee your brand will be able to go global. You need a strong core … Read More

Big Data at the Branding Link + Think

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AMA Branding link + think on Big Data

Join other Triangle AMA members for a monthly special interest group to discuss aspects of building and maintaining a great brand, from brand strategy and how corporate culture impacts branding, to building brand equity, implementing brand standards and more. The Branding Link + Think is hosted by Hummingbird Creative Group and meets on the fourth Friday morning of each month … Read More

Inconsistent Branding and New Coke

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Consistent customer experiences and messaging strategies go a long way in building trust in your brand, but consistency can break down when your brand hyper focuses on developing tactics instead of aligning your brand with your core values. Inconsistent branding can harm your business by reducing sales from current and future customers who are unhappy about their experience, which can … Read More

Brand on a Budget

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Even the most well-oiled machine will have a break-down eventually and, no matter how good your business is, your customers might experience a small misstep in the purchasing experience. Once something goes awry, it’s crucial for your brand to respond positively and use this opportunity to show off your customer service skills. Positive customer service interactions can often win over … Read More

Brand Identity: The Face of Your Business

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Once you’ve developed a brand identity, it’s time to incorporate it into your marketing. Create content, take to social media and use language in line with your brand to bring your new brand identity to life. But, don’t forget the most important step. You can’t just turn loose a new brand and expect it to be perfect right out of … Read More

Protect Your Brand from Copycats

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1. Don’t Keep Your Web Content Open for Theft Web content is an often-overlooked part of your message when companies begin the trademarking process. An easy way to deter content thieves while having a heavy-weight champion of copyright infringement takedowns on your side is to create an account with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). This US copyright law was … Read More

Brand Ambition: Building a Personal Brand

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Madonna perfected the art of change; in the decades she’s been in the limelight, the only thing that’s remained consistent is change. However, there’s always a method to the madness– never just arbitrary change for the sake of change. She’s changed to keep up with the times. Your personal brand can benefit from minor tweaks every now and again to … Read More

Brand Authenticity: Don’t Just Say It, Be It

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Your business doesn’t have to stay small to inspire brand authenticity. You just need to know what your brand stands for, understand what your customers are looking for and consistently deliver on your promises. Authenticity can’t be faked, but it can be learned by listening to your customers. where ideas take flight At Hummingbird Creative Group, we build business value … Read More