Branding Strategy — How To Build Strong Brands for Maximum Business Value

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Would you agree that having a strong brand is critical if you want your business to be a market leader? If you said yes, you’re in the majority…along with 86% of the professional leaders Hummingbird surveyed in 2021.  Our survey was part of a larger initiative to gain better insight into the attitudes and perspectives of marketing decision-makers with respect … Read More

Expert Opinion: What Branding Does for Transferable Business Value

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Remember the Wizard? His brand seemed so upscale, so hip. The all-powerful Oz had a great thing going until Toto yanked on that curtain. But even then you had to admire the guy’s ingenuity—he created lots of buzz about Emerald City just by branding it correctly. At Hummingbird, we believe that branding should add more than a little gold dust … Read More