Leveraging Digital Communities When Branding Healthcare Businesses

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Digital communities (DCs) are becoming more and more popular as a way for all businesses to reach consumers and build brand advocates. But first, DCs are different from a basic online platform or entity such as Facebook or Twitter (although many DCs can be found within Facebook). DCs are contained online communities where people with common causes, goals, issues or … Read More

A Bot Named Sue: Facebook Chatbots

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As very few people know, Facebook released their version of a virtual assistant, M, in August 2015. Its was able to purchase items for users, arrange deliveries, reserve restaurant tables, make travel plans– things human personal assistants do. As of April 2017, it was only available to 10,000 users. That means, out of over one billion Facebook users, less than … Read More

Ask the Experts: Use strategic thinking in retail marketing – From the News and Observer

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The retail rush between Thanksgiving and Christmas is over, and it’s full steam ahead for making sales in the new year. But is there a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy for retail businesses? Wendy Coulter, founder and CEO of Hummingbird Creative in Cary, says marketing a retail business begins with strategic thinking. “The very, very first thing you need to understand is … Read More