Expand Your Business, Be a Global Brand

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Tackling the global market takes a steady hand and a deep understanding of cultures around the world to keep from making avoidable blunders. While, to some small degree, the widespread availability of the Internet has made it possible for all brands to become global, the Internet does not guarantee your brand will be able to go global. You need a strong core … Read More

Protect Your Brand from Copycats

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1. Don’t Keep Your Web Content Open for Theft Web content is an often-overlooked part of your message when companies begin the trademarking process. An easy way to deter content thieves while having a heavy-weight champion of copyright infringement takedowns on your side is to create an account with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). This US copyright law was … Read More

Let’s Go! High Five! : Can You Think With Your Hands?

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Stop by the Hummingbird Creative Group exhibit at the High Five Conference Discover how to win giveaways such as the 53 Pencil, the most recent iPad tool that allows creative possibility to always be in your hands. The High Five Conference focuses on teamwork, partnership and collaboration in new and unexpected ways to truly achieve marketing and creativity symbiosis: Enhance … Read More