It Could (Finally) Be Time to Try Marketing Automation

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Even if you don’t know what a Rolodex is, you may be marketing with one. Pre-1980, companies used this fun, swirly cylinder with paper cards to capture contact and lead info—this was your customer relationship management “software.” And when you made notations on the cards—like “give them a call in November”—that was your marketing “automation.” You probably use actual CRM … Read More

The Instagram Shadowban

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should you be worried?There a rumors swirling around the Internet about an Instagram Shadowban. What’s an Instagram Shadowban? Has your brand been affected? How can you fix it if you have? The Instagram Shadowban was rumored to be Instagram rendering your hashtags “undiscoverable”. You can use your hashtags, but your photo won’t be seen by users outside your followers list. … Read More