Is Your Landing Page Helping Or Hurting Your B2B Branding Efforts?

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B2B branding

Popeye eats spinach to become stronger. Marathon runners carbo-load with pasta before a race. People go on vacations to relax and recharge. And if you’re a B2B company, you are the spinach… the pasta… and the vacation. Your company’s mission is to make your clients feel better about themselves when they conduct business with you. B2B branding solves your clients’ … Read More

Website, Web App or Native Mobile App?

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Where You Should Place Your Brand Online? So, you need to get your brand online. Unfortunately, you’re not an IT professional and the options you’ve been presented with are overwhelming. How do you choose what will work best and spread awareness about your brand the furthest? You don’t even know what you need: a website, a web application, or a … Read More

Hummingbird Creative Group Strikes Gold!

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Hummingbird Creative Group continues a tradition of stellar creativity by capturing yet another Davey Award in 2016! Distinguished from thousands of reputable creatives in media, advertising and marketing, Hummingbird Creative Group is recognized for the extraordinary web design for client Skysite Images. Overcoming challenges in time and limitations of technology, the project was successfully completed to the delight of the … Read More