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Well, after announcing the launch of h2 interactive, I decided it’s time to get up on all the new social media outlets we’ll need to know about for our clients. Of course, we’ve already been offering traditional web design & development services, as well as email blasts, search engine optimization and pay per click ad campaigns.

But as I embark with Mike on this journey of interactive, there’s so much more to learn and become a part of. I keep hearing everyone in our industry talking about the web as a conversation. I learned that was true over a year ago as I explored the value of LinkedIn and how many people I could hold a conversation with in such a short time. Last night I played more with Twitter… now, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve had such a hard time understanding how on earth I can use Twitter as a business tool. But last week during a discussion with a client, Lee Rosen, I realized it’s more about BRANDING – and if that’s the case, I need to jump on board!

I teach my clients that branding is about touch points, and Twitter helps you have touch points with your followers and followees daily, hourly, even by the minute. Now, for smaller business owners like my clients, that type of frequency combined with needing really NO BUDGET, could be wonderful and effective.

The other tool I’m really excited about is introducing this blog. We already have blogs up for a couple of clients that have really helped them with specialized promotions within their businesses, but haven’t explored it here at Hummingbird. After the launch of the new website, we feel the time is right to get it going. Mike’s having a ball creating fun customizations to WordPress – hope you like them – let us know if we can help you do the same 🙂

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