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Ephemeral Content Provides Some Of The Best Engagement Rate

Short-lived content, lasting at its longest 24 hours, that eventually disappears forever has been a huge trend in 2018. Snapchat has been leading the pack when it comes to ephemeral marketing. With 10 billion daily video views, according to the platform, it’s a great way to reach the iGeneration and younger millennials. Because of its transient nature, ephemeral marketing has forced marketers to develop new strategies and ways to reach their target markets. While it may sound scary, there are some advantages to ephemeral content:
  • Ephemeral content must be more authentic rather than heavily sponsored or spammy because of its short life span
  • It raises the fear of missing out, not being in the know, so audiences are more likely to take quick action
  • There’s easy access, no websites to memorize. Just follow a QR code or a Snap Code and your market has found your content

Why Is Ephemeral Marketing So Popular?

Part of the attraction is that ephemeral content taps into every users love of content creation. While engaging with others content is enjoyable, users would rather actively create their own. Differing from platforms like Facebook, when users open Snapchat, their first option is to create their own content. They’re not met with a feed of updates or information, they see a camera. Because of this, users are more engaged, adding to a community and more likely to engage with your content. Snapchat and Instagram are meant to be fun, they’re full of silly filters and voice modifiers, including pop-culture tie ins to make them more relatable and enjoyable. Users enjoy cool or interesting location tags to show their friends where they’re at and what they’re doing. The best part is is how easy and user-friendly ephemeral marketing can be. The platforms are vertical-friendly, meaning the setup is informal and inexpensive. Creating content and engaging with content created by others is easily accessible by anyone with a smartphone, content creation isn’t gated by funding.

How Should I Utilize Ephemeral Marketing?

With so much unfamiliarity with Snapchat and Instagram stories, it can be difficult to

Tell A Story

Snapchat Story, Instagram Stories, they are all stories. Your content should have a clear beginning, middle and end so nothing feels disconnected from each other. You want your story to make sense whether your users are watching all at once or over the course of a few hours. Even though Snapchat has video capabilities and it’s easiest to tell a story through video, don’t forget to use still images! You can also try new things without fear since, after 24 hours, your content goes away and you have a clean slate! You can try:
  • Tutorials
  • Product announcements
  • Product demonstrations
  • Flash sales
  • Industry news and tips
  • Behind-the-scenes looks

Work It Into Your Plan

You should take the time to work ephemeral marketing into your plan and take the time to strategize how it can help you reach your brand’s goals. Who are your customers and what needs do they have? How can you meet those needs through ephemeral marketing?

Consider Ads

Remember, the whole point is to increase brand awareness, affect sales and increase lead generation. Instagram and Snapchat allow you to link pages within your stories, so make sure you’re linking the appropriate pages. At least at one point in your story you should be asking your watchers to shop, learn more or read more. If you’re doing that already but looking for more engagement, consider ads. Snapchat ads are low-cost but can yield high results. Ads can start as low as $5. Ephemeral marketing should be something you add into your strategy, but make it count. 
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