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i think i can… no, i KNOW i can

Based on her personal story of business trials and tribulations, this talk is an inspirational presentation about succeeding in business no matter what. From starting a business at age 24 in an industry she had never worked in, overcoming serious financial problems, and taking a lot of discouragement from close mentors, to managing through human resource nightmares and pursuing a business partnership after 20 years, Wendy talks about the importance of perseverance to the success of any business. 

build your brand... build your value! building professional and personal value through branding

Whether you are a business owner, an executive, a company representative, or a job seeker, the fundamentals of branding can help you gain effectiveness in reaching your growth goals. Wendy Coulter will share how to use brand insights to have a better understanding of culture, customer needs, perceptions and competitive advantages.She will share how brand insights can help you develop a unique style, character and voice, define your differentiation, create emotional ties in your business and personal relationships, and in turn build loyalty of customers, colleagues and business leaders. By building a strong brand and living your unique brand promise, you will build more value and sustainability to lead to greater success in all aspects of your life.

features tell...benefits sell!

Often even the best sales and marketing teams have a hard time moving away from telling customers about the features of their product or service offering and connecting emotionally to the customer through truly identifying and communicating the benefits. It’s important to understand the attributes and features of what you are selling, but identifying true customer benefits is very important to positioning your brand for growth. And, understanding how to take those benefits and tie them to a value your customer holds dear to create an emotional tie is a key to increasing demand and sales of your product or service!

collaboration builds loyalty

We all have partners, champions and advisors in business. The importance of these contacts to your brand is tremendous, and learning to leverage them into collaborative relationships can enhance your brand, reinforce your message and grow market share! Join us to learn how to collaborate with vendors, employees, charities, customers, past employees, those you’ve supported, friends, family, peer groups, associations and more. You will walk away with a better understanding of how these partners, champions and advisors can become loyal brand advocates committed to helping grow your business!

the price is right! pricing and promotion strategies to grow your business

Price is one of the 5 P’s of Marketing, and the importance of a solid pricing strategy to your overall marketing plan is immense. Pricing strategies involve more than just figuring out how much you should charge for your goods or services! You need to develop a pricing process to determine market share, competitive pricing structures and whether you can raise cash to fuel your business. Often, businesses guess at what they should charge rather than understanding all the costs of doing business. It’s important to have a way to track costs so that you can easily change pricing depending on business needs and market demands.

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